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Day 272: Do no spend days always bring free stuff?


I'm keeping my distance from shopping. For reals.
Just little peeks every now and then.

So, I'm currently engaging in OPERATION OVERDRAFT DECIMATION, phase 1. If you missed or skimmed the articles where I sorted this out, what I'm up to right now is:

- spending money only on necessary things (i.e. rent, phone bill) and groceries (within a $148 monthly budget)
- saving the difference in my bank account as a buffer, so that I won't need the overdraft anymore

Blah blah blah.


Yeah, this has nothing to do with anything. 
But I've been wanting to use this image for AGES.

So anyway. Today was a NO SPEND DAY, which worked out totally fine because I packed a lunch and didn't go past any stores. Really, I probably wouldn't have spent anything today even if I wasn't in the midst of this overdraft decimation thing.

But know what I got today? Free shampoo, conditioner, and a voucher for a free "designer haircut." My friend won these things at a charity event, and she'll never use them (she is dedicated to her hairstylist and current shampoo brand) so she gave them to me!


Not entirely sure what a "designer haircut" is. Hopefully something like this.

And then one of my coworkers brought in a CRATE of fresh tomatoes for us to have for free! This is what is so great about working with people who have vegetable gardens - there's always something fresh and yummy for the taking. And OK, I didn't actually get any tomatoes because they were all taken before I left work, but the potential was there. And there may be more tomorrow!

So, unlike when I was doing the food basket challenge (when I wasn't allowed to accept gifts of food) during OPERATION OVERDRAFT DECIMATION (OOD) I intent to avail myself of any and all gifts of free food I am offered. And also, free shampoo. And free "designer haircuts."

This won't be so bad, really.

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diggingoutandup said...

Always accept gifts of food! Garden overabundance, party leftovers, other people's didn't-wants... they all help cut down on your food bill at the end of the day!

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