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Day 268: Operation Overdraft Decimation

You guys! I love you guys.


Group hug! Koala group hug!
I'll be the stoic-looking one in the front.

So, after yesterday's confessional post about how I may not be doing the *best* job at paying down my debt, I got so many great comments that were all v. helpful. The best part is that I know you guys are there to help me, and the best way to do that is for me to feel accountable to you. If I know that when I buy something silly, I'm letting all of you down? Then I might feel bad. And maybe not buy the thing. Hopefully. I'm not so good at being accountable to MYSELF, but maybe having Team Shopping Detox out there will help out.

ANYWAY, most importantly (and thanks to Katy for pointing this out): my psychic bond with Gail Vaz-Oxlade is coming out in full force because do you know what she blogged about today?


(I'll wait here until you've finished reading this article)

So, I am going to embark upon Operation: Overdraft Decimation. And you guys will be the Overdraft Decimation Nation (your job is to cheer me on, basically).


This is the mascot of he Overdraft Decimation Nation Cheerleading Team.
See how frugal? She's using grass as pom-poms!

The plan is to do EXACTLY what Gail says and go on a super-tight budget for the month of October (with some fun spending money - say $80 a month? Because without the fun money, it's too unrealistic and the operation will probably collapse the moment I see a cute new nail polish colour. Because the Muppet nail polish is being released in November and I can't not to do that. THERE IS NO WAY.)

Then, I will do the SAME THING IN NOVEMBER. I will still put money on my debt, and pay my bills etc., but eh balance will just sit in my savings account like a buffer. This way, by December, I should have a nice little buffer in my bank account and THEN I will be able for Operation: Overdraft DECIMATION. (i.e. I will go to the bank and have the overdraft removed at that time)


I may twirl and dance about in the bank, Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt-style.
Assuming that the bank teller is appropriately dapper, of course.

This will get me set up nicely for 2012, which will get a cute name too but I'm not sure what just yet. (2012: Operation LASER WIZARD has a nice ring to it). Whatever the name, I will try and pay off my whole credit card in 2012. Then I can do this "snowball" thing and hack away at the line of credit. Ultimately, I hope to have that paid down by the end of 2013.

Now, knowing my brain and the way I work well, I am going to need to do this in a series of fun stages. OPERATION OVERDRAFT DECIMATION will work well because it's a one-month challenge followed by another one-month challenge.


Frugal Halloween update! 
(And how cute are those boots? Seriously)

Oh, and also I was brainstorming today and I've figured out a Halloween costume using entirely things I already own. Frugal Halloween! The costume will still channel the SUPER FEROCITY of Lt. Uhura in Star Trek, but I won't have to buy anything. I can't tell you what the costume is... it will be a frugal surprise! So you get to wait a whole month in suspense...


Frugal Forties said...

What I did was go cold turkey. I called my bank and had them turn off my overdraft. I won't lie - the first month SUCKED. I ran out of money 3 days after payday and couldn't pull a wad of cash to get me through until next payday. I had 2 payments that didn't clear through and I had to pay $10 late fees next payday, but at least I wasn't paying $25 per payment overdraft fees on them.

After the first month, though, I got a paycheck that wasn't already 1/3 sucked dry by my existing overdraft and life got a lot easier.

Niki said...

Oh, what great news. I know you have been struggling with this for a while now. I am wishing you the best of luck and will power.

Can not wait to see the costume!

~Carla~ said...

Good for you! I have no doubt you'll do great!! :)

Annabelle said...

Thanks, guys!

Katy P said...

You're going to kick ass!

If you have moment(s) of weakness - post 'em, we'll get you back on track!


PS I love Gail so much.

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