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Day 266: 99 luftdaysleftinthischallenge

Only 99 days left, everybody! (*Note: I won't stop blogging, but the "Year of Shopping Detox" will be up then)

With that in mind, I found this fun meme on My 1/2 Dozen Daily and what better time to do it then on my 99-days-left-versary!

7 AWESOME things I’ve done this year:

- started a blog (maybe you've seen it?)
- did a food bank challenge
- got 2 feather extensions put in my hair
- learned how to do a fishtail braid
- sold clothes at a consignment store
- watched every episode of every season of Project Runway
- got a gym membership for the first time ever

Having now seen every episode of every season of Project Runway, I can scientifically state that Mondo is the bestest contestant EVER!!! Oh, Mondo. Never change.

7 AWESOME things left to do this year

- get rid of my overdraft
- figure out a Halloween costume
- pay off more of my debt
- write a novel for National Novel Writing Month (November!)
- sell more clothes at the consignment store
- knit a(nother) sweater
- finish organizing the "Not Yo' Momma's Sex Talk" dance party fundraiser (*details later)

Would it surprise you to know that the "Not Yo' Momma's Sex Talk" dance party fundraiser has a 1950s theme? SO I GET TO WEAR MY RETRO PROM DRESS? Oh, it will be AMAAAZING...

7 AWESOME things I’d like to accomplish in 2012

- pay off all of my credit card debt! (*this is doable... it's the line of credit that's a 3-year-plan)
- knit a(nother, nother) sweater
- run a race, or something, maybe? At least, get better at running
- do more cooking
- get better at walking in heels
- get a CRAZY SHORT HAIR HAIRCUT (*Note: I may not do this, but I want to)
- go out dancing lots

Fallene from Project Runway may have caused my sudden intense lust for a cute, choppy hairstyle.
*Note: my hair doesn't work when short, so this will probably remain a pipe dream.


~Carla~ said...

Great list!! You should post pics of your sweater! :) ***LOVE*** that hairdo!!! I don't have the guts to do that either, or the $$ to keep it looking that good every 4-6 weeks, but maybe one day... I had short hair for years...!

Bryan said...

Are you, for reals, going to try to write a novel in November for that challenge? I've been interested in that challenge the last couple of years, but I've never had to gumption to actually follow through. Maybe if I knew somebody personally who was going to do it, I might have an easier time sticking with it.

Annabelle said...

@Carla - I will totes post pics of whatever sweater I come up with! I luuurve that hair so much, but you're right. It would be a lot of upkeep (which is not frugal!)

@Bryan - I'm totally going to NaNoWriMo it up! I did it last year and it was really challenging and fun. So many people go on Twitter as they do it, so there's lots of encouragement to keep you at it!

Bryan said...

Annabelle: That's awesome! Not that it's necessarily the goal, but do you have any thoughts about trying to get the novel you wrote published?

Annabelle said...

Bryan - it would take a few years of revision to turn last years' novel into anything publishable! It was a great experience to develop discipline in writing, though! Also pretty fun.

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