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Day 265: How frugal should you be for Halloween?


Halloween is spooooooky. And AWESOME!

There are two ways to approach Halloween: buying a costume, or inventing a costume from stuff that you have. Buying a costume is easier, while inventing a costume is more fun.

I think it's always a lot more impressive to see what someone's come up with, than to see someone who is wearing something cool they bought. Also, I think there's something where putting something together from your own clothes makes it look like you're trying less hard than someone who bought a costume from a box.

I don't know. The thing is, I really like costumes. Last year, I put together a fairly impressive Joan-from-Mad-Men costume (including dying my hair bright red, wearing a tight red dress, and spending about 45 minutes doing 60s makeup). Now, the thing is, I really want to go as a lady from Original Star Trek this year.


Like this but with pale skin and red hair. But equivalent amount of FEROCITY!

I'm good for the hair (beehive, obvs) and makeup (same as last year + more sparkles!) but I need a red dress. And the thing is, I can VERY EASILY find an Original Star Trek dress online for fairly cheapish. But those dresses would probably be not really well made, and I couldn't really wear them anywhere else other than Halloween or a Star Trek conference. So the answer is really to find some sort of red minidress that I can stick a fake Star Trek badge on for one night, and which I can keep for later.

But a red minidress would cost probably more than a Star Trek costume. And somehow, purchasing a ready-made costume seems like cheating (I've never actually bought a ready-made costume, I don't think, ever). But purchasing a red minidress costs more.

For instance, this dress costs $42 from American Apparel.
Actually, you can make nearly any costume from American Apparel's assortment of colourful separates.

I could always just be frugal like my Frugal Companion, who has worn a white lab coat as Halloween costume every year for the last... ever? Always? He only has to occasionally buy a replacement lab coat - but that's just like every 10 years or so. And they're pretty affordable.

Or, I could do a frugal costume of dressing up like someone who already looks like me - Liz Lemon, perhaps? Ooh, or I could get a blond wig and wear a maxi dress and go as LAUREN CONRAD -- OOOH! OR! I can get a long BROWN HAIR WIG and a classy dress and go as KATE MIDDLETON!

Or put a toilet seat on your head and go as Princess Eugenie!
Actually, this is a fantastic idea, and my hair is the right colour. Hmm...
Have you guys planned your Halloween costumes yet?


~Carla~ said...

In case you're waiting on my vote, I vote for the toilet seat hat costume all the way!! I'm dying to see what you come up with!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Best place for costumes hands down is Value Village. I have saved bits and pieces through the years (having 2 kids helps...) and can do a witch, scarecrow, etc. just by digging around in a box. Also, I am very frugal by being old and boring and never going out to Halloween parties anymore; I just dress up if I'm working.

Niki said...

I vote Star Trek all the way. Super Ferocity!

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