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Day 264: Back to normal (with some changes)

'Sup, guys! So, I'm back after my 7 day food basket challenge and back to normal blog-related activities.

Cute vintage picture? CHECK!
New makeup collection to obsess over? CHECK!
(Project Runway makeup from L'Oreal!!!!!)

I've got an interesting leftover thing from the challenge, however, which is my stomach has shrunk. It's totally weird! Last night at midnight, when the challenge officially ended, I had a celebratory handful of Ringolos (*Note for Americans and non-Maritimers: these are BBQ flavour chip things things in the shape of rings. Mucho nostalgic feelings about them, esp. since they came in a care package from my Mom).

Anyway, that celebratory handful turned into another and another and I stood there compulsively eating Ringolos for much longer than anticipated. Apparently, I was hungrier than I thought. Anyway, I used my newly-developed WILL POWER (tm) and put the bag away.

Oh, that's something else new. It turns out that, contrary to what I have thought all of my life, I have some small amount of WILL POWER! I stuck to the challenge for a full week with only minimal cheating, despite the presence of delicious food in my kitchen, delicious food at work, and delicious food in the stores and restaurants I passed. WILL POWER! Who knew?


Willpower: it's what's in!

Anyway, so after the Ringolos incident I figured I had some eating to catch up on. So, I brought along a great lunch to work today (two slices of homemade pizza, crackers, hummus, bagel, cream cheese, cookies) but... I wasn't that hungry. It's like I trained myself to be hungry a lot of the time, and my stomach shrank appropriately and now I don't have space for more food. So that's interesting.

Not to worry, though. I am on an intensive stomach stretching-out regime that involves the rest of the bag of Ringolos, along with a pumpkin spice latte (tis the season!) and... actually, I don't know. I'm used to being hungry now so maybe I have made a permanent appetite change? Whatevs. I have to go eat more Ringolos now.



~Carla~ said...

Glad you made it through ok! :) That's quite the lunch! lol!

Lindy Mint said...

Mmm...pumpkin spice lattes.

Congrats on completing the challenge with flying colors. :)

Annabelle said...

Thanks, guys!

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