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Day 263: Day 7 of the Food Basket Challenge


Limited amount of food = more time to spend on makeup.
OK, I'm hungry. And angry. "Hangry," as it were.

Hey guys! I have 2.5 hours left in the food basket challenge and thanks soooo much for all of your suggestions and help and support and recipes.

Click here for my wrap-up post for the challenge, and click here to see all of my blogs and video blogs for the challenge. The whole thing has been hard for me but at the same time, I've learned so much about the services in my city as well as how much change is needed.

Anyway, in preparation for being able to eat whatever I want (!!!), I went grocery shopping today and did my best to be frugal and smart with what I got. I tend to grocery shop the same way I clothes shop - buying for a Saturday night, instead of a Tuesday afternoon.


*Note: this outfit can go from Tuesday afternoon to Saturday night.
Little Black Dresses go anywhere.

What does this mean in food shopping terms? It means that when I cleaned out my fridge today, I found a package of wonton wrappers, a jar of tahini, three different types of tomato sauce, and various other things that I NEVER USE. Rather than buying something odd that sounds cool, I need to focus on buying STAPLE FOODS. And writing GROCERY LISTS. And not assuming that I don't already own lots of tomato sauce.

OK, I'll say one thing the food basket challenge has taught me - and that's the value of money and food. I still have a bunch of stuff left over from the challenge, which I will eat. And my fridge gets stupidly full and weirdly smelling of mold (*note: not so weird, as stuff gets shoved to the back and forgotten about) (*see above re: wonton wrappers and tahini)


Y'all know I'm not going to put a picture of mold up here, right?
Instead, enjoy this cute-tastic kitteh image. Awwww...

Anyway. I need to come up with a meal per week, buy those ingredients, cook that thing, and then once those ingredients are gone - come up with a new thing! And this week shall be homemade pizza with garlic sausage (leftover from the challenge), mushrooms, and green peppers.

Wow, this is a superboring post. Sorry, guys. I need more food in me to get back to the fun blogging.


~Carla~ said...

You did a great job at the challenge! I'll have to go catch up on all the other posts, I bet it was a sobering experience!

Annabelle said...

Carla, it gave me so much to think about - and I'm so grateful for all of the opportunities that I have in my life. There are so many things all tied up in why people wind up living in poverty, and nutritious food is such a key part.

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