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Day 261: Small local business gets my hard-earned cash

Hey guys. So, I hope everybody's keeping up-to-date with my food basket challenge (click here to see/read all of my daily blogs I've been doing over there) (also fun to see what I look like in the real world, if you were dying of curiosity) (and you can see my cat in one of the videos!)

In the midst of all of this creative cookery and amazing discussion, I may have slightly faltered in the whole "be a frugal person who doesn't buy new clothes" thing.


I may be replacing food with dresses. Maybe.

But, see, here's the thing. I heard about a new store that's opened a few blocks from my house, and it sells vintage-inspired clothes, and I'd heard things there were kind of pricey so my first thought was AVOID TEMPTATION. i.e., just not to go there.

But it was on my way home and had totes cute 1950s-esque dresses in the window, and 1950s music playing out of speakers and... so obviously I went inside. And the woman who owns the store is so sweet, and the clothes are SO CUTE and to cinch everything all together, they had a photo montage of images of Audrey Hepburn on the wall.


You might have noticed I'm into Audrey Hepburn imagery.

One of the dresses was even called "THE AUDREY"

So, yeah. I controlled myself MOSTLY, in that I only picked up two cute retro-ish blouses that are not too costumey and which can be worn in a modern way. And I may save my pennies to get another dress for, say, a Christmas party or something like that.

This is one of the blouses I got today. It's called "The Lucy Blouse" and has little bows on it!

Was it pent-up shopaholicism because I haven't been allowed to buy any food this week? Who knows.

Anyway, if you live in Saskatoon, check out Modern Dame on 1st Ave! Because it's important to keep stores that sell cute pin-up clothes around at least until I'm done with my shopping detox.

1 comment:

~Carla~ said...

SOO cute!! My oldest daughter would be all over that store! Sounds fabulous!! :)

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