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Day 259: Saving the last drop/scrap/crumb


Oh hi. I'm just hangin' out, cooking some soup and other delicious foodstuffs.
In an apron. And no clothes... wait a minute, this isn't me at all!

So, it's the end of the third day of the Food Basket Challenge and I'm riding high after a delicious and filling spaghetti supper. Oh, real food, how I've missed you! (*Note: tomorrow will probably be eggs and toast again, since I still have four more days to ration out the good food for)

Anyway, today after work I really, really wanted to go grocery shopping. Partially because of hunger, but partially because that's the only guilt-free shopping experience I have. Because buying food is always OK, isn't it? But I can't buy any food, so I started to think about what else I could buy to have that happy "been shoppin'" feeling. I didn't buy anything, as it turns out. I don't *need* anything, so if I went anywhere I'd just be randomly wandering around looking for something to buy (which is the opposite of being budget-minded and frugal).


A beeeeutiful bella notte... with spaghetti... and a full stomach.

Something else I've noticed about preparing food when I know I can't get any more ingredients for a week, is that I'm scraping every last bit off of the cutting board and letting nothing go to waste. Every last bit of chopped onion goes into the frying pan. I scraped the last bits of tomato sauce out of the saucepan before washing the dishes. When I was peeling a boiled egg, I mourned for the bits of egg that came off with the shell, bits of egg that I would not get to eat.

You can follow along the super interesting conversations happening on the Challenge website, but for me personally, I'm really getting a good reality check for the value of food (and everything, really). I mean, what kind of jerk would I be if I was rationing my food for this Challenge, and then I went out and spent $40 on new tights? I need to learn to treat money with respect. And food.

Also, I really wish there had been something chocolate in my basket. Le sigh. Nothing but the minty taste of toothpaste for dessert for me for the next 4 days.

1 comment:

~Carla~ said...

Hope you're not cooking bacon in that little getup! ;) lol! I think you're doing awesome with the food basket challenge! Sure makes you see food differently doesn't it?!

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