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Day 257: Things I did not know about the Food Bank


Woot woot! Go Annabelle!
Yes, I am my own cheerleader. What? I like the outfit.

So! I picked up my food last night, and it was nowhere near as dire as I had been worried (i.e. it wasn't a basket full of SPAM and instant macaroni). You can hear about what I got here, in a video I shot 5 mins after coming back from the Food Bank.

I will be writing later about what happens when the excitement wears off and I remember that I don't like lettuce.

Now, I never really thought about the food bank (ever in my life) apart from at school sometimes when you had to bring in a can of tuna or something for a food bank drive. I always imagined it being like a grocery store, but filled with Kraft macaroni & cheese and canned ham. And people would stroll around and take what they want.


Here's what happens at the Food Bank:
1) You show address ID as well as your health card, and they ask if you've been there before. If not, you get a sheet that they stamp with the date (b/c you can only use the food bank once every 2 weeks. You bring this sheet in the next time you come). You also get a number.

2) When they call your number, you go up and get your food! You have to bring your own bags, and transport it home yourself. (Secret tip: if you say you are pregnant, you get milk. Or so I hear. I did not try this.)


Milk for all the pregnant ladies!

3) I got so much food! Sadly, half of it is lettuce in bags which is going to go bad in a few days. And I don't like lettuce, esp. with no dressing. Anyway, the amount of bread means I don't need to make bread, and so my new list of 5 pantry items is: soup stock, spices, salt/pepper, oil, and WILD CARD! (I don't know what this will be. Maybe hot chocolate powder?)

I have also put my little carton of milk and little thing of butter on hold, and instead spent $2.39 on a thing of peanut butter to eat with the bread. Sorry, milk and butter, I needed protein more!

Yay for food banks! Already I've learned a lot about how they work. And I know for sure next time there is a food drive, I'll be donating something better than canned ham.

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~Carla~ said...

I commented after watching your video... Interested in hearing how you do! :)

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