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Day 254: Still brainstorming for the food basket challenge


Yummmmm. Food. Can't stop thinking about DELICIOUS FOOD.

All I can think about right now is what I'm going to eat starting on Tuesday.

I continue to figure out my food bank meal plan in my latest blog for the Food Basket Challenge. Check out my challenge blog for more deets. I've come up with a few more things I hope the food bank *doesn't* give me, so the full anti-wish list is:

- canned beans (esp. beans in tomato sauce - yuckOLA)
- lentils (bleccch)
- SPAM (although, I almost think a SPAM challenge could be interesting. The SPAM website has some intriguing recipes on it... Green Eggs and SPAM, anyone?)

I continue to be weirdly infatuated with the idea of SPAM. It seems so gross, yet, it's been around for 70 years. Who eats this? WHY DOES IT EXIST? Can it possibly taste as bad as I imagine?

I feel pretty confident that I can make do with this artisan bread recipe (ingredients: yeast, salt, flour, water) along with rice and peanut butter. And eggs. I feel lucky that I'm not a coffee drinker, so coffee won't take up one of my "pantry item" slots.

Anyway. You can join the Challenge Facebook page to keep up to date with everybody's progress. I pick up my basket on MONDAY! Eek!

I'm so busy thinking about food I haven't even BEGUN to figure out my outfit for the media call on Monday when I get my basket! Considering that it's going to be like 30 degrees (that's 91.4 for you Americanos) I'm thinking... shorts and a button-up top? Maybe? A kind of whimsical hipster/preppy sort of look? With my glasses?


Kinda like this. Did I tell you guys how one time I made a latte for Michelle Williams?
True story. She left a big tip, and is SO TINY.

I need to look both respectable, yet hip, and also trustworthy and sensitive. If you're thinking like me, this will most definitely include feather hair extensions. Because... I kind of got two feathers put in my hair last week. Um... yeah. In  my own defence, they look AWESOME!


Anonymous said...

There's always the Kate grocery shopping outfit

Bryan said...

Spam is a kinda disgusting concept, but it tastes okay in practice. I've had it sliced and grilled, and it more less tastes like ham, though the texture is a little off.

Annabelle said...

Anonymous - THANKYOU. This is a genius idea. I need to do a kind of composite Kate's grocery outfit, crossed with urban hipster, crossed with extremely hot weather. So basically, shorts, tshirt and scarf. And flats.

Bryan - the thought of ham with the texture off makes me a bit queasy. But the website does have lots of recipes, several of which completely disguise the presence of the SPAM so IF I wind up having to cook with it, there are at least some options.

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