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Day 253: Milk, butter or eggs?


Even dressed up in a cute vintage advertisement, SPAM looks SO GROSS YOU GUYS.

So, my participation in the Food Basket Challenge (where I eat only food from the food bank for a week) starts on MONDAY (well, I pick up the basket on Monday, and start on the new regiment on Tuesday morning). Already I'm learning stuff, like, did you know you have to bring your own bags to pick up the food? And you have to arrange your own transportation to get it home again? And did you know that food banks only provide enough food for 2-3 days, not for a whole week?

I've been scheming so far how I'm going to manage and what I'm going to eat, but it all comes down to the unknown: i.e., what will be in my basket? I'll have to work around whatever's in there. BETTER NOT BE SPAM is all I have to say about that. Although if it is, I will deal with this challenge in a "make do and mend" sort of vintage thrifty mentality.


Hmm... these children's youthful enthusiasm is slightly persuasive.
Wait, no it's not. NO SPAM FOR ANNABELLE.

Anyway, here's my first post for the Food Basket Challenge! And weigh in, you guys: if you have only $5 to spend for a week, would you buy milk, butter or eggs? Or something else?

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Anonymous said...

I would try and get beans of some sort with your money or pantry items. They are a valuable source of protein, or even peanut butter. Look at the frugal village forums for many other ideas. There's been numerous challenges on there. Gool luck!!

Andria said...

You should be able to get a small milk and eggs and still have a wee bit leftover for some beans of something like Anon up there suggested. I'd recommend split peas (if you like them) because you can make a decent split pea soup with just those and water and it's hella filling and good for you. Are you allowed salt and pepper?

~Carla~ said...

I would go for eggs & maybe rice or something? If I got SPAM in my basket I'd donate it right back... :P

diggingoutandup said...

I would get the eggs, 1L of milk, and as much rice and dried beans as the leftovers would afford.

Are you going to be donating some food back to the foodbank after you finish your challenge?

Annabelle said...

Thanks sooo much for the advice, you guys. I'm going to hold off "declaring" my items until after I see what I get from the food bank (i.e. if they give me peanut butter, that frees up a spot in the "pantry" for something else)

I love the idea of split pea soup! Genius. Unfortunately, I'm really not a fan of beans so that wouldn't help out too much.

And I think salt and pepper would count as "pantry items". I think?

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