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Day 252: The cost of biking

So, I love riding my bike. I don't even think about the environmental stuff or the saving-money stuff when I'm pedalling around, I just like the feel of the wind in my hair and how quickly it gets you places.


Bikes = happiness

My current workplace is about a 45 minute bike ride, which sounds scary but isn't at all. I listen to podcasts while I'm going (or to my workout music, if I'm running late and need to hurry) and the time passes like nothing. It's also great that I can mostly take bike trails all the way there, so I don't have to worry about traffic and crazy cars who seem not to notice my GIGANTIC WHITE BIKE.

Anyway, I recently had to make an investment in biking. I mean, one of the great advantages of biking/walking everywhere is that I don't have to pay for insurance, or gas, or parking, or maintenance like you would with a car. I mean, every now and then I need to get a new tire or some other small fix, but these sorts of things cost like $20 and I believe car stuff costs slightly more than that (having never owned a car).

But anyway. I mentioned the nice bike paths I get to take to work, which are so nice in the daytime but, as it turns out, REALLY REALLY DARK at nighttime, now that the days have started getting shorter. I had a tiny little front bike light, but this is more useful for allowing cars to see me, rather than actually illuminating the path in front of me.


OK, this lighting is adorbs, but still won't light the path ahead of me.
But is a fun idea for Christmastime!

This had led to a few terrifying nighttime dark-bike-path adventures where I'm squinting through the darkness, wondering Is that a person up ahead of me? Oh, wait, no that's tree. Oh, wait no, it's a person. Or a shadow of a tree? And my cute little bike light lights up about a half a foot in front of me, which isn't enough to let me know about impending potholes or turns in the road or anything.

So, fine. I went to the bike store to get a new, stronger bikelight. And it cost $90. $90!! There was really no choice, though. This was the cheapest light for what I needed (there was one three times as strong that cost $500, for comparison). BUT this light is actually really great as it charges up like a cell phone or an iPod (through a USB cable, or directly through a wall plug), lights up with nearly the strength of a car headlight, and also the salesman was really, really cute. Not that that had anything to do with my purchase.

"Would you like to buy a --"
"YES! Anything! I don't care what you're selling! The answer is YES!"

Oh, but y'all will be proud of my frugal moment when he was ringing it in. I was like, "Do you have a discount for the local community radio station?" because sometimes smaller businesses do, and he was like, "No, we don't. But I think we should! So I'll give you a discount anyway!" and I got 10% off. It always pays to ask!


Lindy Mint said...

That Christmas light bike is adorable.

Way to go on the discount! And hooray for the cute boy for giving it to you! And yes, I would probably buy anything from Don Draper, even though he's a slimy bastard in season 1, and sort of in season 2.

shoppingtosaving said...

Hahaha great job for asking :) I always LOVE cute salesmen but they are quite dangerous for my wallet. I wish I worked close to work to bike. I have to take 3 freeways -_-

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