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Day 246: DIY book art projects


Audrey H. may be reading a movie script here,
 but I bet she really liked reading romance novels best.

Remember I found an amazing 1977 Harlequin romance novel on the bus yesterday? I have three other vintage paperback romance novels that I love both for their overwrought cover art and the amazeballs writeups on the backs.

I'm not going to read them, but I want to keep them, so I'm investigating what sorts of DIY cute things can be done. It's tricky because they're paperbacks, so I can't just remove the cover and frame it. I'm dealing with a whole book. But in my searching, I found SO MANY CUTE THINGS you can do with old books. Such as:



Peel away the bookboard, leaving the book cloth still attached to the book.

Hardcover book picture frames!


Ebook reader inside a book! (Yes, I already posted this. Yes, I tried to make one.
No, it didn't turn out as nicely as Deb's version, but is still pretty cute!)

So, I don't know. I'm not super-crafty, but these all look really cute. However, it seems easier to use hardcover books than paperbacks for decorating purposes. I think what I may try and do is remove the pages from my old-timey Harlequins, and frame the covers still attached to the backs. Maybe. I don't know exactly.

Another cool thing you can do with book covers: T-shirts!


I don't even like most of the books they use, but the shirts are SO CUTE!

OK, you can't necessarily do this yourself, but if you buy one of these cool book cover tees, the company will use the money to buy books for a community in need! Like TOMS shoes, kinda. Anyway, I luuurve these and want one of each. And I may already have one of the Nancy Drew ones.


Nancy Drew and the Sign of the Twisted Candles!
I love Nancy's 1930s glam outfit here. This is how detectives should always dress.


Jackie said...

I like the books as purses :)

(Although they might look a little odd with romance novel covers...)

Niki said...

I love book DIY. I bought a really old dictionary for $2 and have used that for a ton of craft projects.

I also made my mom a hollowed out book for Christmas.

I saw this really cool ereader cover on etsy that was the Neverending Story. Of course it is all sold out now, but I want one bad and I don't even have an ereader.

Shopping Book said...

book DIY..great art work done by recycling the old books..i really appreciate..

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