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Day 244: Do the money shuffle!

So there's a fun game going around the finance blogs recently (check it out at So Over Debt and Daily Money Shot) that is saving me from the fact that I have no idea to write about today. I totally feel for the Lawrence & Julie & Julia guy - how does he find something new to say about the same movie EVERY DAY?

So! According to Daily Money Shot, here are the rules of the Money Shuffle:

The rules are simple. I set my iPod on shuffle and wrote down the first 5 songs (yes, the actual first 5 songs. I didn’t skip if I didn’t like the song) that came up. Then I thought of a financial situation that I was in that was related to the song title but not necessarily the subject matter of the song.

So, if you've ever wondered just how random my taste in music is, here you go!


1. Love is what you are - Old 97's

Hmm... I guess a financial situation related to this song is that, even though it's easy to get caught up in buying stuff and possessions and things, at the end of the day we're all just people and it's relationships that are most important. Also, this is from Old 97's recent album The Grand Theatre, volume one which is super-good.


2. I am a terrifying and imposing figure! - from Assassins, the musical

Who else could this be about? My BFF, Gail Vaz-Oxlade! She is certainly imposing, though not terrifying. I mean, I think that the people she meets on the show are sometimes terrified of her, but she's really quite nice, I bet. 

...OK, I'd be terrified to meet her. But also excited. But mostly scared.


(Drop dead) Beautiful - Britney Spears

This one is easy. I love beautiful things, but they cost money. It's about how cute things can look great, but it's a double-edged thing because it keeps me from being able to pay off my debt as quickly as I'd like. Dangerous beauty!

4. Raise your glass - P!nk

This one has to do with my frugal dish detergent, I think. I was using diluted lavender-scented castille oil soap as dish soap for a very long time but I recently decided that the permanent oily film it leaves on my glasses is GROSS and I bought proper dish soap and now my glasses are all sparkley and clean! Raise your glass up to the light and watch it sparkle, all residue-free!


5. Rainbow connection - Weezer ft. Hayley Williams

Um, hello? MUPPET NAILPOLISH! (PS - this song is from Muppets: The Green Album, which has a bunch of contemporary singers performing classic Muppet hits.)

And now I suddenly want rainbow-coloured hair. Like, a lot.

1 comment:

Serendipity said...

What a cute meme! I might have to try this one on for size. :)

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