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Day 242: Grocery store love


Grocery stores and cute dresses = my life

You guys, I love grocery stores. When I was a kid, I loved when I got to pick up groceries for my household. How it would work is, my mother (who was in charge of the grocery list) would write me out a list of what to pick up and give me just about the right amount of money to buy those things. Plus a little extra, so I could buy like a box of crackers, or some cutely shaped pasta, or fancy cheese.

I remember bopping around the aisles of the grocery store one time as a kid, dancing to the music they were playing over the speakers, and my Mom was like, "Um, you're not supposed to like the music. That's the whole point."


Note: This is neither me, nor my Mom.
But I these models are working that grocery store aisle like a catwalk!

But I always loved grocery stores. I love how the shelves are so neatly stacked with new, attractive looking grocery items. I love how you can stroll around the produce department and admire the pretty stacks of fresh fruit and veggies. There's something that I find extremely soothing and fun about grocery shopping.

So, when I started high school and was old enough to get a job, I obviously applied to be a grocery store cashier. It was fabulous to see the behind-the-scenes stuff in a grocery store, such as:

- some people get really, really intense about whether or not you ring in every price EXACTLY THE SAME AS ON THE SHELF, even if it's just a few cents difference

- how ridiculously frequently people say, "Oh, I guess it's free, HA HA HA," when you scan something and it doesn't go through. (*Note: it is not free if it doesn't scan, OMFG STOP SAYING THAT)



- how, working at a grocery store, you get to learn about lots of food you never knew about, and if you ask, people will tell you how they cook with it, which expands your repertoire of food

- the thrill of when someone says "Can you pack this all in two bags, and make them balance?" and the joy when you are able to do that for them.

By the time I left this job, I had become the girl who other people turned to when they didn't know a produce code. "Annabelle! What's an avocado?" "4255!" "Annabelle! I don't even know what this is!" "It's swiss chard! 4235!"


Audrey Hepburn grocery shopping with her pet... baby deer? 

This is part of the reason why I like using the self-check-outs in grocery stores now, and I can pretend to still be a cashier. So, the thing is, I love grocery shopping. It's like a stress release for me. But, I think there are ways I can enjoy grocery shopping while spending less money at it. I need to see grocery shopping like a challenge, where I can admire all the pretty displays but then make a judgment call and *not* make an impulse purchase, or maybe buy the store brand version of the cute product.

Oh, grocery shopping. Oh, everything shopping. Oh, shopping. This detox is really making me think about this stuff a lot, and the more I think about it, the more I luuuuurve shopping. Sigh.


Katy P said...

OMG I love grocery shopping too. I could take or leave SHOPPING shopping for clothes and stuff but grocery shopping I adore. Personally it got a lot more "fun" for me when I started getting heavy into meal planning ahead of trips to the store. Then it's like a game, like SuperMarket Sweep, to get to the end of the plan before getting to the end of our budget (which is about $80/week for the 2 of us). I completely recognize that for me it's all about reassurance and comfort and security. Small pleasures.

Red said...

I'm the total opposite. Grocery shopping is one of those chores I just HATE to do. I managed to tie it in with grocery shopping for the office (so I'm paid while doing my own grocery shopping), and that makes it a little more bearable.

But I did want to comment that I love self-check outs for the same reason that you listed here, lol. I never worked at a grocery store (McDonald's and CVS for this gal!), but I figure, with self check outs, I never have to! I already know what it feels like. ;)

centsofacountrygirl said...

I quite enjoy grocery shopping too, as long as I'm not being rushed. I love just cruising up and down the aisles to see what new and exciting edibles I can find.

I worked as a cashier at Canadian Tire and I heard that 'it must be free' joke so many times. I came this close to hucking a can of paint at one guy's head one night after he said it three times.

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