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Day 241: How to be frugal and fashion-forward


You may not know that all blogs are written in the realm of rainbows and unicorns,
in a kind of 60s-style cyberspace intergalactic cocktail lounge.
But that's how it works.

Here's some behind-the-scenes blogging info that I didn't know until I started this blog: you can secretly find out what keywords people used to stumble into your blog. Some very funny bloggers have tried to answer the various queries that they find which led people to their blog, and I have to say that some of mine have given me pause, such as:

"mother feet" - this one comes up quite a bit, I think because of when I mentioned my mother's pedicure one time

"pretentious minimalism" - whoever was searching for that was probably sad to find my flagrant shopaholicism. I don't even know which post this leads people to.

"image of retro woman screaming" - this one comes up a lot, too. Here's the post with the picture I think people are looking at. So... glad to be of service?

Anyway, today I found the greatest search ever: "How to be frugal and fashion-forward." I know I haven't answered that question, and it's a great question, so:

The Shopping Detox Guide to...
Being frugal and fashion-forward


Sponsored by the patron princess of frugal fabulosity, Kate Middleton

Invest in classic pieces!

Books like Nina Garcia's The One Hundred or my personal fave, Looking Good on $1 A Day (I'm not sure quite what the title is, but I loved this book when I was about 16; it's from the 1950s) list surprisingly similar lists of things that every fashionable lady should have. It's stuff like a white button-down blouse, black skirt, a blazer, nice earrings... etc. You can do the whole Project 333 minimalist wardrobe thing and have all of your pieces be classic, and you will look great everyday! No need for a closet like Sutton Mercer on The Lying Game.


Sutton's closet from The Lying Game is approx. the same size as my apartment.

Update your look each season with a new accessory or makeup item! 

This does not mean buying stuff every season, but maybe putting stuff away and then unpacking it seasonally. For instance, darker makeup looks better in fall and winter, so you can put away your dark coloured makeup in spring and summer, then bring it out again and it feels like you got something new! Similarly, you can put away your lightweight summer scarves or hair flowers in winter, then bring them back out again in spring.


Hair flowers are good in summer, kind of weird in winter.

Avoid really, really trendy stuff!

Or, if you must indulge, do it inexpensively. Croc shoes? Over-the-knee boots with no toes? Feather hair extensions? Over-the-knee socks? All have their time and place, but you shouldn't invest very much money in them. By the time they fall apart and/or get holes in them, the trend will have passed.

Invest in classic pieces!

Like The Manolo advocates, quality is worth the price. It may seem expensive to buy a pair of boots for $200, but if they're really good-quality leather boots, you may wind up wearing them for 10-20 years. (This is another good reason to buy classic things, not trendy things - because you won't want to wear something that was cool in 1997 in 2007, unless it's classic and timeless).

Pretty sure that "serious actor" Justin Timberlake isn't running around like this anymore.
Oh, 90s fashions. Oh, that one guy in the middle I forgot was in 'NSYNC.

Wear different things with different things! 

Like I said in my post about layering clothes, you can wear, for instance, one shirt with a variety of different outfits. You can wear it with jeans, or a skirt, or layered inside of a jumper dress, or unbuttoned on top of a tank with shorts... make sure all of your clothes can do double- triple- or septuple-duty in a variety of different outfits.

Work it like Jackie O.!
A classic, minimalist wardrobe is the best way to be fashion-forward and frugal!

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