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Day 240: Fun in the sun link luuurve!

You guys, I really can't think of what got me so distracted that I  wound up getting a little sunburned. I mean, I was just chatting with my Frugal Companion about high-yield savings bonds and next thing I know, I've got this sunburn on my hip. 

So, I'm back from my weekend getaway and am still adjusting to life in the real world. Why can't I live all the time in a pictuesque lakefront beach town where it's summer all the time and I live in a hotel across from the beach and have hotel housekeeping and access to room service? Anyone?

Summer links!

Marilyn Monroe in her pre-fame, wholesome-looking beachy days.

8 natural ways to prevent a sunburn (and sunscreen's not one of them) from Mark's Daily Apple. This seems to indicate that if you follow a caveman-style diet, you will naturally not get sunburn. This may be true for other people, but I'm pretty sure that my caveman ancestors hid away in dark caves and avoided the sun, lest they combust like a vampire in the sunlight.

I don't know where you live, but around here, it stays pretty hot out until like, mid-October. So there's totally still time to try out these alcohol-free summer thirst quenching drinks, from My Thirty Spot.

And deffo try Retro Chick's lazy girls guide to being cool as a cucumber, in the summer/early autumn heat.

And since summer doesn't last forever, except in my beach-brain dreams, Hello Giggles prepares you for the upcoming weather with their Top 10 Tips and Tricks for a Winter Body (note: it involves a lot more eating and a lot less working out than a bikini body).

Like Girl With the Red Balloon, I figured that taking a fun holiday is not frivolous, and even if it is, frivolous spending is OK SOMETIMES.

Beach reading links


I'm not a big picture-taker (... as you might have noticed, with the lack of pictures of me on this blog), so my recent beach vacation will live on just in my brain, but if I was a picture-taker, I'd totes use a gorilla pod like Little House in the Valley.

Have you guys seen the Lawrence & Julie & Julia Project yet? It's this hilarious blog about a guy who, inspired by Julie Powell's project where she made all of the Julia Child recipes in one year, he's spending a year watching the movie Julie & Julia everyday. He's only got 100 days to go!

Crystal from Budgeting in the Fun Stuff pulled a Jo March and SOLD HER HAIR ONLINE! And she made SO MUCH MONEY! If my hair was longer, you bet I'd do this.

Aaaand I was included this past week in the Yakezie Carnival (thanks, Niki!)


Red said...

Thanks for including me, lady! :-D

~Carla~ said...

Great links! Thanks!! :)

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