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Day 239: Beach Day

Spoiler: if I had been wearing a sensible swimsuit like these ladies, I wouldn't currently have the weirdest sunburn of all time. I mean, hypothetically.

Hey, guys. So, I spent the day hanging out at the beach. This has nothing to do with frugality or shopping detox. I will let you know that I got for a delicious waffle cone (chocolate mint chip) with chocolate sauce. Worth. Every. Penny.

And in my post-beach haze, I've been trying to think of something to write today, but I'm way too relaxed and chill right now to think about frugality.

That's the lesson of the day: don't think about frugality too much. Go to the beach. It's summer.

(*PS WEAR SUNSCREEN! And make sure to put sunscreen on your LEFT HIP. If you neglect this very important area, you might wind up with a sunburn roughly the shape of Canada and covering my entire left hip. In entirely unrelated news, tomorrow's article will be about the frugal things to do with a sunburn.)

I recommend dressing like this. So what if the 19-year-olds are prancing around in teeny-tiny bikinis? You have pale skin! COVER UP YOUR SKIN! Especially the left hip region.

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Anonymous said...

My sister in law once wore a swimsuit with little maple leaves all over it when she was a teen (you remember those Adidas Olympic team suits?). It was red and the leaves were white, so the UV rays burned through the white only and she had a very patriotic sunburn!
Yogurt works for sunburn, apparently...

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