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Day 237: The frugal mind-set

Have you nominated me yet for the personal finance Plutus Awards? No? Go ahead, I'll wait.

So, today I went out to buy something that is not STRICTLY against The Rules. Although, that reminds, me, I really need to reexamine the rules and get better at following them for this last 1/3 of the detox year. Third detox TRIMESTER will be the MOST FRUGAL YET!

So anyway, here's what I bought today:

What is it? No, it's not a weirdly shaped whisk. It's a HEAD MASSAGER!

Head massager in action. And now I also want purple hair.
Maybe the massager turns your hair purple?

Why did I buy this? Well, it passed the Shopping Detox App flowchart: I don't have one, I want one, I luuurve it, oh and plus it was only $4.99. Oh, and why did I want it in the first place? Because Lauren Conrad says it makes your hair grow faster.

So, I bought this head massager at a home-supplies store, and I snooped around for a bit before purchasing it. There were heaps of gorgeous, cute things at this store, but they cost SO MUCH MONEY! I guess I'm used to shopping at thrift stores now or something, but in the store, I'd see a spatula and be like, "$5? For real?" and put it back like it was covered in over-priced kryptonite.

The most ridiculous things I saw were in the pie-making area, where they were selling a container of pie crust mix and a jar of apple pie filling. I looked at the pie crust mix and thought, "Well, I might be making a pie soon -- $9.99? WHAT THE WHAT?" and I checked to see how many pies this mix would make and it was ONE! Who would spend $9.99 just for crust for one pie? Just BUY A PIE if you want to spend that much. And a jar of prepared apple pie filling? For, you guessed it, one pie? So crazy.

Oh, hello apple pie. Soon it will be autumn and we will become VERY GOOD FRIENDS.

So, on the one hand, I bought a head massager that may be considered a frivolous puchase. But on the other hand, my brain has been adequately trained that I wasn't at all tempted to buy the ridiculously overpriced pie making things.

I mean, my debt may not be paid off, but today demonstrates that I have definitely come quite a ways from this time last year (when I would have absolutely bought the pie-making things without even checking the price first).

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go stimulate the follicles on my head and imagine I live in Laguna Beach with LC.

LC and I believe in safe sun. SPF60 and parasols for everyone!!


Niki said...

You are making frugal progress. Congratulations. I would buy a $5 head massager too. I am a little envious, I bet it feels good.

Daisy said...

Haha! That thing is awesome. I would have probably bought it too!

~Carla~ said...

Interesting... I'm betting that whoever Lauren Conrad is doesn't know what she's talking about though... lol! Protein will help if this doesn't though.. ;)

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