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Day 236: Con-sigh-nment

So, I did it, you guys. I took some clothes for consignment.


Charlie C. is technically at a pawn shop here, but it's a similar idea.

There are a couple of consignment stores in town, but I chose the one that operates like a used-book store - you bring the stuff in and they give you cash right away. None of this waiting around to see if anybody bought your stuff, business.

As it turns out, this store is aimed at "teen and early 20s" people. As I wandered around the store (while they were appraising my stuff), I detected that seems to mean tshirts and jeans. So many jeans and tshirts. Also a few trashy-ish spandex and sparkley dresses. The stuff I brought was pretty fantastic - some retroish tops, maxi dresses, a pair of jeans that I tragically outgrew, and some cute shoes.

Hipster icon (and Hello Giggles founder) Zooey Deschanel models a variety of ADORABLE RETROISH OUTFITS in 500 Days of Summer

When they had finished appraising it, I went up and they gave me $24. They only took about half my stuff because, apparently, the rest of my clothes were "cute, but not really for teenagers."


These TV teens are most definitely not wearing jeans and tshirts, STORE.

I think this store is not giving teens enough credit. If all you put out for them to buy are jeans and tees, that's all they will wear. But if you show them cute retroish dresses and fabulous outfits? That's what they will wear! And I watch a lot of teen TV shows (I even do fashion recaps for some of them at You Know You Love Fashion!) and those kids are not wearing jeans and tees. Those kids are wearing gowns with lacey tights and twelve necklaces, with false eyelashes and oversized belts.

This TV teen is combining over-the-knee-socks with boots and a retoish dress.  For the record.
So don't tell me my old clothes are not "teenagery." K THX BYE.

Whatevs. I got $24, which was $24 I didn't have before. And $24 more than I would have gotten from just dropping it all off for charity. *Note: the "grown-up" stuff they didn't want, I did donate to charity. So the more clever teens can go and buy those items for cheapy cheap at the Sally Ann.


~Carla~ said...

$24 is $24 right? At least it's something... :)

Frugal(er) said...

Dude! I totally feel you! I've been to this store dozens of times, they only ever take half of the totally cute stuff I try to sell them, and once they gave me back a bunch of my clothes and deemed them "too plain." Umm, how about classic? Seriously? Little black skirt is plain?

So yeah, they're jerks, and when you first posted about this I got the pangs of jealously thinking, Annabelle's so much better-dressed than me, they'll totally take all of her stuff

So I feel schadenfreude-ly vindicated in a way, but also bad for you. Still $24 is some walking around money--nothing to sneeze at.

Annabelle said...

@Frugal(er) - it's crazy that they leave the fashion decisions up to these bored-looking 20-year-olds who are dressed like fashion victims. Don't they know that all teens don't want to walk around like tacky lampshades?

Anyway, the teens with real style are sitting at home feverishly bidding on vintage apparel on Ebay, probably.

@Carla - so true! $24 is $24! I'm happy with the result.

Serendipity said...

I hate how one store wants to define what style is. I remember being a teen and I didn't just dress in t-shirts and jeans. I remember wearing the coolest pinstripe pants, funky hates and cute miniskirts with funky prints. And we won't even get into my shoe collection. I just remember having fun with fashion like I do now, minus the pinstripe pants. I still have funky hats. :)

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