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Day 231: Strawberries grow on plants, and other important life lessons


You guys! Today, for the first time, I went strawberry picking. I luuurve strawberries (they are actually the only kind of berry I really like, and it turns out that they have iron and other healthy things in them).

The only kind of u-picking I'd done before was apple picking. I don't know how they do it where you come from, but in the Maritimes, apple picking is done by arriving at the u-pick and then wandering about, picking apples wherever you feel like it.

Strawberry picking, on the other hand, is done in a very organized prairies-like grid fashion. We were each assigned a row of plants and we had to leave a marker where we left off so the next person can take over. It was very prairies-esque, with the wide open field of berries, organized in rows.


On the prairies, strawberries pick you!

Anyway, for $8 I got a 2-litre container of GORGEOUS BERRIES! COnsidering that in the grocery store, it's like $4 for 1/4 of this amount, I think it's a frugal sort of situation. And also, since I picked them myself it's 100% perfectly ripe berries - none of those part green, tasteless ones.

So, while I was out there, I was struck by how much work it was to pick the berries. When I buy my groceries from stores all the time, it's easy to forget about how much work goes into harvesting stuff. Like, I looked out over the wide, prairie field of strawberries and saw people all hunched over. And we were just there for like 30 minutes! Man, thinking about the people whose job is to pick stuff in fields all day just makes my back ache in sympathy.

Van Gogh makes it look kinda glamorous to spend all day hunched over,
but I bet those ladies would need some serious massage at the end of the day.

There are lots of things that grow on plants that I don't think about, like avocados or oranges or bananas. To me, those are so much the sorts of things you buy in bins in a produce department, you might as well be talking about chocolate bars growing on trees.

Anyway. I also learned what to do with freshly-picked strawberries, which is: rinse and keep as many as you can eat freshly cut. Then, clean and cut up the rest and freeze in freezer bags to use later in pies, sauces, etc., etc.


Am now going to do a strawberry manicure, in tribute to today's awesomeness.
(Pictures of my nails to follow... but they probs won't be as cute as this pic)

And can I just say? These strawberries are SO flavourful and SO red and SO pretty. If you'll excuse me, I have to go EAT THEM ALL NOW.


1 comment:

Red said...

This sounds AWESOME! p.s. I love those nails! I wish I had the talent to do something like that with my own nails.

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