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Day 230: The Shopping Detox app


Are you guys reading this because you thought I went all high-techy and made an app you can buy/download? Ha! You guys, I'm not that cool. Or rich. Or skilled with the technology.

What I have is THE BEST IDEA FOR AN APP. Here's what it would do:

Picture it: you're in a store and you see something cute. "Should I buy it?" you wonder. "Is this a good investment, or a waste of money? What would Gail Vaz-Oxlade do?" *Note: this is not the best way of thinking about buying something or not. I love Gail to bits, but I'm pretty sure she never buys anything except for very cheap, name-brand things that she ABSOLUTELY needs (i.e. toilet paper).

Does Mama Gail have an app? Is it some sort of talking budget jar that gently scolds you for overspending, in a vaguely British accent?

But this is the Shopping Detox app, so it's for when you think, "What would Annabelle do?" And then you open the app, and it helps you decide whether to buy something or not, by helping you through a series of questions.

1) This thing you want to buy: is it on your shopping list?

If yes, buy it!
If no, go on to question 2.

2) Do you already have this exact same thing? (Like, the exact same thing. Not just "I have another stripey top like this but the sleeves are shorter," or "I already have a spatula with a picture of a kitten on it." THE EXACT SAME.

If the answer is yes, then don't buy it.
If the answer is no, go on to the next question.

Bonus question: is the item a knitted Audrey Hepburn doll? ... maybe don't buy it.

3) Do you already have something that serves the same purpose? (i.e. you want to buy an Audrey Hepburn-face spatula, but you already have a spatula at home, so you don't need another spatula per se) (or: you want to buy a blue-and-white stripey nautical top with 3/4 length sleeves and you already have one, but the stripes on this one are a bit wider)

If the answer is yes, then don't buy it.
If the answer is no, go on to the next question.

4) Is this something you have always wanted, but forgot about until this moment?

If the answer is yes, buy it (as long as it's not too expensive.)
If the answer is no, go onto the next question.


Bonus question: will it come in this bag? Buy it! THAT BAG IS AWESOME!

5) Is it AWESOME? Do you LUUURVE IT?

If the answer is yes, buy it!
If the answer is no, don't buy it!

I think I could sell this for like, $1.99 in the app store. Anybody out there know how to make an app? I would also want it to have really cute vintage pictures in it.

The main image for the app can be this iconic picture of Audrey Hepburn window-shopping from Breakfast at Tiffany's. It's like she's standing there with her croissant thinking, "What would Annabelle do?"

Actually, maybe I should write these instructions out on a series of flashcards, and carry them around with me. Hmm...


Niki said...

I love it.

And Then She Saved has these take along printable cards.

Lindy Mint said...

Well, I find myself thinking "what would Annabelle do" when I shop anyways, so the app would be right up my alley.

Anonymous said...

Oh I just looove your blog :)

Lane from In Mint Condition said...

It would be great if it could tell you to "sleep" on it if it's between $5-$20, or tell you to wait 30 days if it's over $200 :)

Then you need to create the same app, but let the user choose between a Dave Ramsey, Suze Orman, or Gail theme! I think I would prefer Suze yelling at me.

Annabelle said...

@Niki - those cards are PERFECT! Am going to print them ASAP.

@Lindy - aw, you're too sweet. The trick is to think "What would Annebelle do?" and then do the opposite ;)

@Miriam - thx! Welcome aboard@

@Lane - yes, a snooze feature would be helpful as well. And I'd pick Gail's soothing, yet stern voice.

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