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Day 229: Consign-a-palooza

Heh, I was looking for a picture of a lemonade stand, but instead found this image of OPI's 2008 collection, which included "Lemonade Stand By Your Man," a colour that I wish I had.

SO,  when I was a pint-sized burgeoning shopaholic, I made my money in three ways:

1) allowance
2) babysitting
3) selling books and CDs

When allowance and babysitting money was (quickly) all spent (on gum, vintage 1950s dresses, and makeup) I would go through my books and CDs to determine how much I had to sell in order to buy whatever cute vintage dress I was wanting. This system worked out GREAT - because, back in the day, you could just tape your CDs to listen to later, and why own a book when the library was a short walk away?

I think I've used this picture before, but come on. Audrey Hepburn + bookstore + back-to-schoolish pinafore dress? How could I not use this picture right now?

I have been thinking LOTS lately about how it sucks that used books and CDs have very little retail value anymore. Used CD stores are mostly gone now, replaced by those kids today and their downloading. And places like Amazon sell new books for so cheap, that between that and eBook readers, used bookstores aren't doing too much buying.

I looked around and around my little quasi-minimalist amount of belongings (it counts as minimalist if you have very few kitchen supplies, but way too many pairs of boots, right?) trying to figure out what I could sell for cash. Selling stuff for cash, as I mentioned above, was like my little tweenage entepreneurial business from ages 11-17.

Extree! Extree! Apparently, other children made money delivering newspapers while I was hitting the streets, selling off my possessions.

And then... I realized... CLOTHES! I have SO MANY CLOTHES! Clothes that are too small now! I'm down to a size 12 from an all-time high of size 14 - probably due to the 45 minute bike ride to work everyday - and I may be a 10 again one day, but for sure anything sized 8 or "Medium" will never fit me again.

But... consignment is time-consuming. I'll have to clean my stuff, de-fur my stuff, and shlepp all the way out to where the consignment store is... Blecch. And then what happens? Do they like, call me when the stuff I consigned sells? Who knows? Too complicated! Much easier to throw it in a bag and drop it off in dead of night at one of those kiosks for Salvation Army.

BUT THEN! YOU GUYS! I found out about ANOTHER CONSIGNMENT STORE that sounds even better than the first one I was going to go to! Like a used book or CD store, you bring your stuff, they look at it, and then they give you cash right there! No waiting for it to sell! And the stuff I have to sell is SUPER AWESOME! And great for back-to-school. Because friends, this consignment store is aimed at teens and people in their early 20s - not that I'm in that age bracket, but I dress like I am! So it's perfect!

This is how teens dress nowadays, right? This whippersnapper is doing that "downloading" of her "emo music" correct? Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go have some Bene-Fibre in my prune juice.

Now, with renewed enthusiasm, I am going to sort through my things and go there maybe... next weekend, to see what's what. They won't know what hit them! Gorgeous vintage-inspired peacoats? Motorcycle books that are slightly too small for my feet? Those Michael Kors 5" platform wedges I bought just because I recognized his name from Project Runway? Bam! Free money! And waaaay easier than Ebay or the other consignment store for fancy ladies.

Consignment for teens? Perfection in a bottle!


Frugal(er) said...

Whoo hoo! Cash up front is the way to go. Sure, you'll never get back what you spent, but nothing feels better than dropping off a bag of clothes and walking away with a cool $15 (well, some things feel better, but you catch my drift).


The Girl Next Door said...

Congrats on your consigning! eBay is such a pain.

I used to spend all of my money on beanie babies. Now they're in the 25 cent bin at Goodwill and a man was talking about buying some to put in the back of his Honda. So heartbreaking.

~Carla~ said...

Good luck with your consignment! :) And no, teens don't dress like that now, silly! You can't see her bra straps or thong string out the back of her skirt!! :P

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