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Day 226: THE GOOGLE HAT link luuurve

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Thank you everybody who voted! No, thank YOU! And thank YOU!
And you, too, in the back! Thanks!

So, when you're an internationally successful financial blogger like me, you receive numerous things in the mail all the time. "Please take this as a token of our affection, Annabelle!" They say, sending me cute dresses and nailpolish and various cute things beyond your imagining.

Oh, wait, sorry. I was confusing me with Gail Vaz-Oxlade for a minute.


This hard-working young woman helps sort Gail Vaz-Oxlade's fan mail for her.
Not really. This is me, with all the stupid flyers I get in the mail that build up my hopes and then dash them away just as quickly. Damn you, pizza flyers!

Needless to say, I was surprised to get a postal slip addressed to "Business Owner." I was intrigued when I went to the post office to pick up what turned out to be a smallish box. From Google. Like, from the Google Plex itself. And inside? A Google Hat!!

This is me working THE GOOGLE HAT.
Note: you can just about see that I'm also wearing my Sweet Valley High Team Jessica tee, also won on the internet. What's my secret? Enter every contest.

I'm of two minds as to what to do with THE GOOGLE HAT. I can either use it like a thinking cap, and wear it when blogging. Or, it may be one of the AMAZING PRIZES in my upcoming GIVEAWAY EXTRAVAGANZA. Stay tunes for deets on that. Or, I might try and sell it on eBay? I don't know yet.

Oh, right, and also link luuuurve. Inspired by THE GOOGLE HAT, these are all fashion-related links:

These links are brought to you by Frugal Icon Duchess Katherine,
who shows that frugal fashion doesn't have to look cheap.

Makeup: where should you splurge or save? from Fabulously Broke in the City

Serendipity's guide to looking good... on a budget! from Serendipity's Guide to Savings

Tap into the hidden mileage in your wardrobe from Project 333

No more yoga pants: how to dress like a Frenchwoman from TLC Parentables

The girl next door's guide to saving money on laundry from The Girl Next Door's Guide to Finance

To donate or swap? from Hello Giggles

Aaaand the fabulous Carla from My 1/2 Dozen Daily has moved blog addresses (after, weirdly, Wordpress closed her old blog down). So, update your links to find her at:


Andrea @SoOverDebt said...

I'm so jealous! I want a Google hat!! (said in my best Veruca Salt voice)

~Carla~ said...

Hmm... With a hat as fabulous as that, you should keep it as a contest hat! I'm sure you'll win riches beyond even your wildest imagination!! ;) lol! Thanks for the link-up!

Super Frugalette said...

I so read all those sweet valley high books....

Serendipity said...

Thanks for the link love hun! Appreciate it!

Annabelle said...

@Andrea - I think you have to be true of heart to earn a Google Hat (much like Charlie and his golden ticket). Wait... then why did I get one? Hmm...

@Carla - TGH will deffo be a contest prize in the near future. Keep your eyes peeled!

@SuperFrugalette - were you Team Jessica or Team Elizabeth?

@Serendipity - no prob!

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