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Day 225: That's good/ that's bad makeup shopping



Hey guys! So, this post is all about good news and bad news, much like the classic children's book That's Good! That's Bad!

My favourite store of all time, Sephora, is going to open a store in my city! THAT'S GOOD!

Their imminent arrival means that an adorable, independently-owned makeup and cute accessories store downtown is closing - THAT'S BAD!

They are selling off all of their stock at 40% off - THAT'S GOOD!


Sales are like shopping but with 100% less guilt.

I'm on a shopping detox and not allowed to buy new makeup - THAT'S BAD! (OK, I guess it's good - in the sense of me sorting out my finances, but today, that's bad)

I'm running out of my eye makeup remover - THAT'S BAD!

The going-out-of-business-store is selling it at 40% off  - THAT'S GOOD!

There is a bin of $1 previously-used sample products - HELLO, GORGEOUS!

So, here's what I got (for $18 total, fyi):

Clockwise, from left:

Cake milk-maid velveteen hand cream (previously used sample, $1)
The Balm Big Mama bronzer, blush and powder duo (previously used sample, $1)
The Balm Cabana Boy shadow/blush (previously used sample, $1)
The Balm Balms Away eye makeup break-up (40% off, $13)
The Balm Letter to the Editor lipstick (previously used sample, $1)
The Balm Pick-up liners set of 3 mini eyeliner pencils (previously used sample, $1)

The thing about the samples I chose is that they're all still quite full. The hand cream - meh, who cares if someone else has used a bit of it? The eyeliner pencils can be sharpened (with the build-in sharpener in the box!) to be hygienic. The lipstick can be wiped off with a tissue and a bit of rubbing alcohol. And the powders are used with a brush anyway, so totes hygienic!

Was it doing my makeup swap party that's made me more open to previously-used stuff? I don't know. Even if I don't use any of the makeup, it was super-cheap and the packages are ADORABLE! (Seriously, go to The Balm makeup website and just ogle the packaging. I don't even care if it's good eyeshadow - the packages will get a prominent spot on my vanity.)

So, overall, I'm going to say that this is a GOOD THING! Woot woot!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

How dare you post this and not tell me the name of the store that has 40% off (although I too feel badly that an independent store is closing...)! Name, for gosh sakes, give me THE NAME!!!! (Oh, I'm dizzy now)

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