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Day 224: Minty fresh!

Before I get into the finances, I must alert everyone to an EMERGENCY CRISIS SITUATION. For real, this is a CODE RED SITUATION.

Mad Men is having a contest to win a walk-on role on the show. On Mad Men! If you haven't noticed, I'm slightly preoccupied with the 1950s and 1960s and that show is MY LIFE. Anyway, they will choose a winner based on who gets the most votes so...


*important note: you can vote once per day, or once per day per computer you have access to. So, you can vote, for instance, from home, from work... from your kid's computer... from your boss's computer... EVERYDAY!

Have you voted yet? OK, good. You may proceed to today's post:


Chocolate minty fresh!

Anywhoodles, I'm here today to tell you about This a website that lots of other people are 
already using, where it tracks your spending and helps you budget, etc. I was hesitating using it because
of privacy issues (do I really want a third-party company to have access to all of my financial details?), but finally I decided to take the plunge.

And it's so great! It's really fun. All you do is link it up to your bank account, and then it tracks all of your spending and makes pie charts and sends you emails when something unpleasant (a bank fee, going into overdraft) happens. And you can set budgets, which show up like little green bars that turn RED when you are getting too close to being over-budget.

- is like a helpful crossing guard, protecting me from the out-of-control, speeding car that is my spending habit.

This is perfect for my budgeting style, which is, not budgeting at all. I tried the Gail Vaz-Oxlade jars, but a) I don't want to keep lots of cash around in my apartment and b) when I tried saving receipts, it was easy to stuff them in there and forget about it and never actually balance the budget.

But Mint does it all for you! (*note: they did not pay me to say these things, but if they wanted to pay me for having said them? I would not turn them down)

So, it's like having a little Gail Vaz-Oxlade peering over and watching everything I do, and sending me little messages when I'm about to screw up. This will be extra-useful for when I get rid of my overdraft (which I'm going to do on TUESDAY!) to make sure I don't wind up with that horrifying INSUFFICIENT FUNDS thing when I go to buy something.

I love you, Gail!

So anyway. I think this will work out pretty well.

(PS - have you voted yet? Go and vote!)


Lane from In Mint Condition said...

I love love love That's why I had to incorporate their name into my blog name somehow, even if it involved reserving the blog name "Minty Fresh Blog - A Tribute to O Hai There".

Lucky for me, In Mint Condition was available.

Hanah said...

Yikes - here in Canada at least it's in violation of the terms of your banking agreement to give your account info and password to anyone, including Mint. That means if Mint gets hacked and someone gets your banking info, your bank doesn't owe you anything! I know it's mighty convenient, but I've always been freaked out by the risk.

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