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Day 223: Insured!

How could I say no to this charming insurance salesman?
(FYI - this is from Double Indemnity, and Barbara Stanwyck has AMAZING SHOES in this movie)
My mother will be very happy to know that I have, after living here for several years in a variety of apartments, purchased tenant insurance. When I first set up digs here, she suggested this several times but... I don't know... it just seemed kind of like a useless expense. (Non-useless expenses at this time included nailpolish, tshirts that fit OK in the change room but not in life, and lots of internet shoes).

So anyway, after a few people I know had some stuff stolen - something I thought only happened on TV shows! - I buckled down and bought some insurance. It turns out that it's not as expensive as I'd thought - $18 a month - and I was able to set it all up over the internet and phone without having to go into some sort of time-consuming bank type place.

They did not offer to insure my legs for $1 million, like Betty Grable did.
Not sure why. Maybe my swimsuit wasn't cute enough?

Anyway, in the course of purchasing insurance, I realized that I own nothing of value. OK, OK, I own a laptop and a bike. And a cheapy digital camera, and my beloved ebook reader. Someone could try and steal my 10,000-lb old-timey TV set, but good luck carrying it.  Anyway, if these things were stolen, they could all be replaced for maybe $2000 total.

I'm covered by insurance now for like up to $30,000 or something. I really don't think that the sum of my belongings is that much, like at all. The friendly phone agent was telling me about extra stuff I could get for jewellery and things, but honestly? My jewellery "collection" is all fakey costume jewellery from like, Ardene. The sum total of my jewellery collection might be... $50. If someone broke into my house and stole it, they would not get any money for any of it. Honestly.

I have most of the jewellery being modelled here by Audrey Hepburn.
However, got them at buy 1, get 1 for $10!

So, whatevs. I'm insured now, which makes me feel more relieved that I used to. Now, instead of running back in to make sure the oven is turned off six times before leaving the house, I don't go back and check at all! If my apartment burns down, I will get lots of free money because my belongings don't cost as much as my insurance policy is for.

Maybe it doesn't work that way. I don't know. But I like my cheapy thrifty apartment lifestyle, and it's kind of reassuring to know even if somebody broke in, they wouldn't have anything to take, really.

Cat burglar Barbie is like, "Why did I waste my time coming into this apartment? Ooh, look at that cute Australian dress. I almost got it on eBay until someone outbid me!"


Lane from In Mint Condition said...

I own nothing of value either, so I'm opting out of renters insurance.

Well, I guess my car, but that's what car insurance is for.

If the stove does burn down the place or if you leave the water on and flood the apartment.. I would think the landlord would cover that? Hmmm... must investigate.

Carla said...

As you get older you'll acquire things that are of more value... we have insurance and I'm glad we have it. It's taken us a while to get the things we have, and I'm grateful for them & we take good care of them so they last.

Anonymous said...

You must also remember that you are insuring for the "replacement" value of your stuff. You may have gotten it for free or cheap, but if you lost everything and had to go out and replace it it would cost a lot more. I've hardly ever had to use my insurance, but I can tell you from experience that when I do need to make a claim I'm very glad it's there!(oh gosh, I sound like someone's Mom!)

jennysararyan said...

When I was burgled I was tempted to smash in my own ancient television and blame it on the robbers. Who of course didn't want my tv.

minako said...

Insurance is for not using it. And there are burst pipes or negligent neighbours who leave faucets running. Actually, their insurance would pay for that. So, for that matter, your insurance would pay for any damage that originates in your unit that affects someone else. Also, imagine the awesome shopping spree if all your clothes were to be stolen!

Pro tip: take pictures of your stuff on your cheapy digital camera and e-mail the pics to someone on whom you can rely, ICE. You'll do a lot less fighting with insurance if something happens and you can prove what you have. And save receipts for big purchases. Scanning/photographing and e-mailing can also save you hassle here, too.

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