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Day 222: I think I can I think I... ooh, look, something shiny!


Le sigh.

So. OK. I maaaaaaay have ever-so-slightly gotten distracted with the fun of being a blogger, and finding cute photos, and thinking of silly things to write about and I maaaaaay have accidentally broken a few rules and pooosssibbblyy I forgot that the point of this endeavour is to pay off my debts.


Look! A cute picture!
Pay no attention to the balance on my line of credit!

Thanks everybody for your helpful suggestions re: my overdraft crisis of yesterday. First, thanks to my sister for pointing out that the word "erstwhile" as in "my erstwhile frugal companion" means "former." That is totally the wrong word! I had thought it meant "dependable, handsome," but I was incorrect. For the record, my frugal companion is handsome, thrifty, dependable, and did I meantion handsome? Also, tall.

My frugal companion looks basically like this. Except he doesn't wear a hat.

Anyway. Lots of excellent suggestions came up in the comments for my BACKDRAFT posting, and ultimately, I think I need to cut the cord. It's a great idea to have a little money-cushion, then gradually stop using the overdraft using willpower. Sadly, I don't have willpower, and that won't work anytime soon.

I think that blogging's most fun when I've got a challenge going, and it's been AGES AND AGES since my last challenge. So, effective my next payday (the 16th) I am going to remove the overdraft.

I won't think of it as having $200 less, but rather, I will think of it as I have $200 more per paycheck (b/c it won't be going to pay off the overdraft).

Note to self: reread and pay attention to the moral of The Little Engine That Could.
I think I can, I think I... oooh, look at the cute overalls that kid is wearing on the cover.

In other news, I accidentally bought a dress on eBay last night. I didn't mean to! That's totally not breaking my no-internet-shopping rule because I thought I was clicking for more details, but I accidentally clicked on bidding, and you can't back out of a bid so blah blah blah a dress is on its way to me from Australia for $45. On the upside, it's totally cute!

This is the dress I accidentally bought.
In my own defence, I only accidentally bid $24. Then the shipping from Australia is another $20.
Cute though, right?


Tasmanian Vegan and Minimalist said...

Annabelle. ypu ahve been my hero for ages. Your blog is cool and I really love the captions to your pictures...I beg you, do a guest post for my blog...I can send you questions to answer at your leisure XXX

Niki said...

Where did you find your frugal companion? Are there more?

That dress is really cute.

Shoe.Gal said...

AHAHAHAH Cats in hats are the best....I just came across your blog and I think we should be friends! Great post...cute should not be able to wear it until the end of the challenge if you feel really guilty about the purchase.

Annabelle said...

@Tas - I've sent you an email. Most def I'd love to be on your website... but you know I'm not minimalist, right? ;)

@Niki - found him at the library. Always an excellent place to meet handsome men.

@Shoe.Gal - wilkommen! Dress idea is good in theory, but I've already made the purchase so I'm gonna wear it. Hope it fits, though!

Katy P said...

Yes! $200 MORE per paycheque. Good for you! That's the positive self-talk DOING, not AVOIDING.

And if you feel your resolve slipping, open up the bank statements and look for the charges for using your overdraft over the past 6 months (or some set period of time). Think of all the cute dresses that could have been had for that, instead of paying the bank for the pleasure of extending you money that isn't really yours.

"I will save that money to boost my clothing budget or savings instead of paying off overdraft fees"

Bonne chance!

~Carla~ said...

You kill me, girl! lol! I love your posts! They always crack me up! And yes, uber cute dress!! :) Great "accidental" find! *wink, wink*

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