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Day 220: Does back to school mean spending money?

Back to school! I would totally wear the outfit on the right, for the record.

It's that time of year, you guys. The stores are full of plaid and tweed and looseleaf and pencils and... ahhhh. I LOVE BACK TO SCHOOL!

I never really liked school. However, I have always liked back to school fashion, and buying new school supplies! It's all about a fresh start and making a plan, and imagining how this year I'm going to really take school seriously, and keep my pens in the little slots in my binder, and not lose my calculator, and not get crumbs all over the bottom of my backpack.

Unlike on Gossip Girl or Pretty Little Liars, September did not bring a new fleet of mysterious hotties. Le sigh. But in other news: I love S and B's outfits here. I want Blair's white tights and Serena's grey socks, and the hairband and the cardigan and...

The reality, however, was that:

- the beginning of September is way too hot to wear wool, plaid and tights, so I would wind up too sweaty on the first day of school
- I would very quickly lose all of my pens and pencils, my calculator, and somehow my backpack always had about 3 smushed, stale granola bars crumbling all over everything
- Rather than a school filled with sexy, mysterious strangers, it was the same people as last year

Anyway, I was in school for such a long time that September always feels like the beginning of a new year. And it's really nice to think about starting with a totally clean slate - new pencils, new coloured pencils, new scribblers, new binders, new lunch bag, new backpack, etc. etc.

For this stylish little miss, back to school meant a new slate and chalk, as well as a gorgeous dress and a hair bow. Actually, I would totally wear this outfit, too.

In reality, I never really finished any of my scribblers, so there was always one to reuse (or one of my sisters' to reuse). I don't remember ever using up an entire coloured pencil, let alone an entire set of them. Erasers - yes, new erasers tend to be useful. But the rest of it, you don't need to replace every year.

And the thing with school supplies is that, they look nice and clean for maybe a few weeks, and then everything's covered in granola bar crumbs; the leads have broken off of your pencils; and there is a smear of old yogurt on the inside of your backpack.

But what am I talking about this for, anyway? I work in an office now, where there is an unlimited supply of pencils and pens and paper. I don't need to buy school supplies.


Smelly markers! Remember smelly markers? 
The red one always got used up first. 

It's just... September's coming. I want to wander around Staples, smelling the new-clean-school-supplies smell, while wearing something plaid wool, with tights and boots. I'll have to just be happy with this picture. Le sigh.

Anybody else feeling nostalgic about back-to-school?


westcoastsoul said...

I don't have to feel nostalgic haha. I'm starting my Master's in September :D Sadly this means I'm too broke for a whole new back to school wardrobe :P

Anonymous said...

Hi there! I totally love all things back to school!
I still remember the smell of all my beautiful new supplies in my drawer when I first started school (in 1991...).

Greetings from Germany.


~Carla~ said...

No, not really. ;) Was never a fan of the school systems, & we were always too poor for new school stuff anywas, so no love lost! lol!

Lane from In Mint Condition said...

If my kid ever wants an iPad, I'm giving him/her a chalkpad like that little girl in the picture. My, how the times have changed.

I used to love back to school season when I was a kid. New crayons, new markers, new everything!

Annabelle said...

@westcoastsoul - but I bet you can get a nice new-smelling pack of pencils? Or a binder? Embrace the nostalgia!

@Miriam - thanks for stopping by! Good to know that German school supplies smelled as good as Canadian ones...

@Carla - lol. I recommend still buying some new loose leaf and pencils and smelling that nice clean school-supplies scent. It'll get your kids in the mood for learning.

@Lane - Ha! Love it. It's the same size and shape and everything (hmm... I bet there's some sort of chalkpad app for iPad too).

Frugal(er) said...

Dude, for realsies. That first hint of fall in the air makes me yearn for tartan and jackets. Once I go to Target and see all those brand-new notebooks, I'll be insanely jealous of the kids who get to have them. But they have to do homework, and I don't.

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