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Day 219: Books are awesome link luurve


Books + bikes = my awesome nerdy librarian life!

You guys, I'm in the midst of reading such a great book. I can't write much here b/c I have to get back to reading it ASAP. It's Faithful Place by Tana French, which is this really complex Irish murder mystery. Totally unlike what I usually read, which is maybe why I'm compulsively reading it every chance I get. It's like a really good Irish episode of Law & Order.

(*Note: if you want to see what I usually read, friend me on Goodreads! Also check out my book podcast)

Anyway, here are some links you guys can read until such time as you can borrow a copy of this book from your local library (or buy a copy from your local independent bookseller!!)


I'm a day late and dollar short with Borders is Pinch that Penny's personal experience with the (very sad) closing of the Borders chain of bookstores in the US

An armchair that holds and hides things from Fabulously Broke seems like the best chair to read in!

Life lessons from Anne with an E from Hello Giggles is a cute tribute to Anne of Green Gables

I totally agree with Retro Chick's explanation of why she loves second-hand books

So Over Debt has Too Much Stuff... including books

Adventures in Life, Love and Librarianship offers you a Day in the Life of a Library, if you ever wondered what us librarians do everyday.

The Hairpin recommends people read Sequential crush, a blog dedicated to vintage romance comics

Aaaand... I was happy to be included in the Yakezie Carnival this week (thanks Super Frugalette!) as well as the Totally Money Carnival last week (thanks Family Money Values!)

And check out this Taylor Swift video all about love and angst in the library! Plus, the song is totally catchy and the boy wears cute glasses:


Daisy said...

Reading is hands down my favorite thing to do on earth. To curl up with a good book is bliss. I've always told my boyfriend that when we finally buy/build a house, I don't care about the closets as long as I can have a library room.

I was just housesitting for somebody who had the most amazing book collection, all color coordinated on the shelves. I think she had every single awesome book ever written.

I'm finally reading the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (I seem to be the last on that train..) and I'm sort of disenchanted by it.

Andrea @SoOverDebt said...

@Daisy you have to kind of ignore the first few chapters because they suck. If you keep going, the book gets really good. I ended up buying all 3 because they were so amazing!

I could honestly just read 24/7. I love it more than anything. I did get rid of some of the books, but I still filled two shelves with some stacked on the top. It's so hard to get rid of them when I still read them! I have a few books we read at school in 5th grade and I reread them all the time (Bridge to Terabithia, anyone?).

Now that the Hunger Games series is over, I'm waiting for the 2nd Heroes of Olympus book in October (followup to the Percy Jackson series). Lately I like teen fiction a lot more than anything written for adults!

PS My captcha is "phort" and for some reason that is cracking me up.

Annabelle said...

@Daisy - my mother also didn't like the Steig Larsson books, and she's a super murder mystery fan.

@Andrea - if you love The Hunger Games, check out Ally Condie's "Matched" - it's the 1st in a trilogy, and book 2 comes out in the fall. SO GOOD! I also prefer teen fic over most other genres these days.

L-A said...

I am such a sucker for Taylor Swift videos. Cute boys in glasses in libraries? Okay! I'm in!

Lane from In Mint Condition said...

I love singing the Story of Us in the car :)

Bryan said...

I loved the first two Girl with a Dragon Tattoo books and the first two Hunger Games books, but I am absolutely awful at finishing series. To wit, I've been halfway done with the last Hunger Games book for about six months now. I guess I don't want the stories to be over.

Niki said...

I really like Tana French's In the Woods and was super excited to read The Likeness. It was written well, but the plot was so freaking far fetched I had a hard time enjoying it. I should go ahead and read Faithful Place though, since it is a bit of a continuation to the other books. I'm glad to hear you liked it.

Super Frugalette said...

The only books I am obsessive about keeping are my theology books from college most of them are out of print and if I lose them, they are gone forever.

Annabelle said...

@L-A - I don't know how this video slipped my notice! I was just googling for "music videos in libraries" and found this one from May! Why didn't I know about the cute boys, the cute song, and all of the books??

@Lane - Love it! I sing along to Taylor Swift on my ipod while I'm biking, too.

@Bryan - Maybe you can catch up with the movies? The first Hunger Games book is the best, anyway.

@Niki - Faithful Place is SO GOOD! I'm totally going to read her first two, or at least the first one. I've heard from other people that the second one is kind of odd.

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