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Day 217: Shopaholic guilt


Wise owl is like, "How much stuff did you buy today, Annabelle?"

So, I told you guys awhile ago about how I was a tiny bit of a child-sized shopaholic in my youth. My main hobby as a teenager was to go to thrift stores (and cheap accessory stores) and buy lots of stuff.

My parents were, as I may have mentioned, quite thrifty. And as much fun as I had choosing clothes to buy (and buying them!), I knew that I had to sneak these purchases into the house. And so I became expert in the hiding-the-shopping-bags thing.

Advice to young shopaholics: I would smush down the bigger bags and put them into the smaller bags, then stuff it all into one generic bag - like a purse or a backpack. If there was too much stuff to fit in there, I would combine the other bags so I'd look like I was just coming home with a bag from the drugstore or something.


Thrift shopping was necessary, because how else could I keep up with 
the fashions of my TV BFFs Rayanne, Angela and Rickie?

I think this is like what other people do when Christmas shopping, when you don't want your family members to know what stores you've been going to.

Anyway, this got me into the house OK, but how do I wear the clothes? Despite (or perhaps because of) her thriftiness, my mother has a keen eye for clothing. Meaning, if I appeared in a new skirt or tshirt or shoes, she would immediately recognize that I had bought something new. And ask me where I got it.

As Sophie Kinsella describes so well in the Shopaholic books, it's important to shave a few dollars off of the prices when you tell your parents how much something cost. This is because parents are old, and forget how the price of things has gone up. Also because parents may not appreciate the necessity of purchasing a $50 tshirt when you are 16 years old.


See, this shopper could easily smush the smaller paper bag into the larger paper bag.
The purse is also a nice size for hiding smaller purchases (i.e. lipstick, brooches)

As you can imagine, when I moved out of my parents' house it was SO MUCH FUN because I could buy stuff and bring it home in as many bags as necessary... but I still had this weird leftover guilt. I don't know. It's like, deeply ingrained in me is this feeling of You shouldn't be buying that much stuff, Annabelle.

Oh, and when I went to visit my parents, I obviously made sure to only wear clothes I knew they had seen before. I didn't want my Mom to know that I had been spending money on clothes.

I may not be a practicing Catholic, but I deffo have some kind of permanent guilt going on.
Ooh, wonder where Jesus (pictured above) got those sandals? Those are kind of awesome.

SO ANYWAY, the point of all of this is, I still feel this way. I mean, when I come home alone I don't mind having lots of stuff with me. But when I'm out shopping with other people, I don't really want them to know how much stuff I'm buying. Is this because of shopaholic guilt? Or because I like to maintain a sense of mystery and don't want others to see me purchasing things?

Bonus: Wherever this guilt comes from, this shopaholic guilt is keeping me totally in check re: my rule about no online shopping. Since my apartment mailbox is so tiny and wee, I can't get parcels delivered here. So they arrive at work - where other people see how much stuff I buy. Which makes me not want to buy anything.


Tasmanian Vegan and Minimalist said...

If we were neighbours, I would invite you out to a day of Tasmanian charity shopping, culminating in a large coffee and vegan lunch at a favourite cafe. I would look for a pair of awesome Jesus sandals for you and wouldn't fight you for them if we were the same size. Have a top day x

Annabelle said...

That sounds like such a fun day, Tasmanian Minimalist!

Lindy Mint said...

I'm waiting for the story about you walking out the door wearing something old and drab, then slipping into your new digs in the school bathroom. I would be so thrilled to know someone who did that in real life, and not just on Degrassi High.

PS: Those sandals ARE awesome.

Annabelle said...

@Lindy - sorry to disappoint, but I happily walked out the door in crazy outfits. No school bathroom change necessary! I did, however, leave the house wearing glasses and then stow them away once I got there.

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