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Day 214: Is that a meme on your blog or are you just happy to see me?

So, I was totally excited to be tagged by Niki from Debt Free by Thirty for this, my very first meme. I'm not sure what a meme is, exactly, but it's been fun to see what other people have been sharing. 

Plus, maybe some people haven't read the older posts so it's a good opportunity to catch yourselves up with...

The Yearbook of Shopping Detox

Most Beautiful Post: An ode to makeup
The prettiest pictures of the prettiest ladies, plus advice on how to make yourself pretty, too!

Most Popular Post: The Patron Saint of Forgotten Things
Who doesn't love my frugal Dad?

Some of my posts have rhetorical questions, but not this one. 
No, it turns out that I'm a douche. Sorry, service industry!

Most Helpful Post: A credit card is not an income
This was an insight that I found helpful, and maybe it might help someone else?

Post Whose Success Surprised Me:
Every single day I get a few visits from people looking for info about Lauren Conrad's hair. Who knew?

Post That Didn't Get the Attention it Deserved:
Going to the club is a necessary expense
I remember this weekend. It was awesome. Oh, was I supposed to be talking about posts? Whatevs, I need to go out dancing again like STAT.

The Post I'm Most Proud Of: How frugal was the royal wedding?
I really had fun writing this post, and I'm so happy that people liked it! Also, this wasn't actually sarcastic. I think that Wills + Kate are really quite thrifty people.


~Carla~ said...

Great posts!! I read the other day that Kate Middleton "recycles" (yes, they used that word) her clothing by wearing it twice!!! *GASP* :P I can't believe that's "news"....

Niki said...

Haha! I love the way you set it up.

Thanks for not leaving me hangin'

Annabelle said...

Carla - I think it's funny and wonderful that Kate is making "recycling" outfits into a trend. News outlets are now happily recognizing dresses she's worn before - any other time period and she'd be attacked for doing just that, but in these economic conditions, it's an admirable trait!

Niki - Thanks for tagging me! Glad you enjoyed.

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