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Day 213: To consign or not to consign


If my clutter was this cute and photogenic, it wouldn't be such an issue.
On the upside, I don't have to worry about where to put a typewriter.

So, the thing is that my apartment has NO storage space. This is good, because it means that there's no way for me to stockpile stuff. But it's bad because - where do I put all my stuff? The answer tends to be - in piles on the floor. And then when you add in hot summer temperatures and my gorgeous cat shedding, you get... well...

"Welcome to my house! Wait, where are you going? COME IN FOR A VISIT!!"

So, I'm in the midst of a long-weekend total cleaning of my apartment. I'm putting off doing my bedroom/closet area because it's kind of terrifying. Part of me wants to try and do Project 333 - where you scale down your wardrobe to 30 items for 3 months and try out the minimalist lifestyle. I've done a tentative list of items that I totally want to keep, and lost track somewhere after 50. So, 30 items = not going to happen.

Wish I had a closet room, like Nicky Hilton here. With a chair in it.

I'm very lucky that I have a walk-in closet. However, the size of it is such that you can walk in about one step, and then you are facing the wall.

Anyway, I do know that there are lots of clothes I can get rid of. The question is, do I just put them in a bag and drop them off for charity (easy!) or clean then and fold them and sort them and take them to a consignment store (time-consuming!)

It's a toss-up, really. I know that some of my dresses would probably get a bit of money from consignment (they're way cuter than the stuff the consignment store usually has) and I could probably also drop off some shoes I never wear. I guess it just seems like so much woooork to clean the cat fur off of the clothes and take them to the shop.

Is eBay the answer? Or just a whole new problem?

I suppose another option is eBay, but it's not like I'm trying to get rid of expensive Herve Leger dresses like Bridget from Hi That's My Bike. I doubt anything I have is the sort of thing somebody would want to buy online and have shipped to them. They're random brands that nobody's really heard of, plus I'd be afraid if somebody bought by stuff on eBay, it would arrive and they'd be like, "It's covered in cat fur!" and then send it back.

For you guys, though, I think I will try the consignment thing. I mean, I'm still going to dump tshirts and things off for charity, but the fancier things I will clean and take off for consignment. I may not have a stockpile of valuable old comics and band equipment to sell like Lindy on Minting Nickels, but I do have a bunch of clothes that no longer fit, and that may be worth a bit of money.


Have you ever taken stuff off to a consignment store? Was it worth all the effort? Or is it easier to just do a quick clothes purge, and get a good feeling of minimalism and cleanliness?


Crankygirl said...

no no no. You drop them off at my house. :)

Lindy Mint said...

I've never sold at consignment. Mostly because I never have time to shop and therefore wear my clothes until they have holes in them.

But I've found a consignment store that takes housewares and clothes, so I think I'm going to give it a go in the near future. I've been putting it off for several weeks because I don't like trying new things.

I'm looking forward to hearing your results!

~Carla~ said...

I wouldn't go the eBay route, thats more a pain in the ass than anything. I would try consignment, then you could donate the rest to a woman's shelter or wherever... :)

My money, my life said...

I've never done the consignment route, because I don't know if anybody would want to purchase the tacky (and mostly cheap) items that I have outworn, and because I'm lazy.

I suggest that you do the consignment thing, but make it a priority and do it ASAP. If you let it lie around like I did, you may never end up selling your stuff and end up driving to the closest donation shelter at 10:30pm and leaving it all there after the clutter drives you crazy - like it did me:p

good luck, and keep us updated!

Anonymous said...

I tried consignment once with trendy children's clothes and the store did not accept any. They were clean, some still had tags - but they were more than 6 months old (styles had changed?). I haven't tried again. I donate to shelters and goodwill and get the tax receipts.

Annabelle said...

For you guys, I will wash and clean and fold my clothes and see if the consignment lady would like them.

Crankygirl - from what I hear, you won't be fitting into my castoffs for 9 months or so ;)

Kim Humes said...

I have never tried consignment but have always been curious about it. I think when it comes right down to it - for me - consignment is too much work. I just don't have time to go through all my clothes and de-cat hair them, iron them, check buttons, etc. PLus there is no guarantee anyone will even buy them anyway. I purge my closet a couple of times a year and just take the bag to one of many drop boxes around my city - these donations go to various charities so I feel good that other less fortunate people are benefiting from it and they are not just sitting around or being thrown in the garbage. That's just me though! I AM curious as to whether or not the consignment thing works for you!

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