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Day 211: Failed macaroons can be tasty granola, and other mistakes that aren't so bad

Oh, hi there! I'm just hanging out, being a domestic goddess.
Pay no attention to the fact that I eat the dough out of the bowl. Exclusively.

So, I have successfully made these no-bake chocolate macaroons on several occasions. Hint: you can just make a big batch of the dough and then let it cool in a bowl and just eat it that way. Much less dishes to clean than if you scoop them out into macaroon shapes. Note: this may only be a good idea if you live alone.

So anyway, there was a potluck coffee party at work this week and I totally forgot until I got home the night before. So I looked around my cabinets to see what sort of ingredients I had, and realized that I totally had the ingredients for these easy and tasty macaroons. But I didn't want to make 36 or whatever the recipe makes, so I made the fateful decision to half the recipe.

Stacy and Clinton are amazing. Even if they made my wreck my macaroons.

Oh, and also, I have become recently addicted to watching What Not to Wear on TLC (yes, I still have cable) and I may have gotten caught up in watching yet another tragically dressed person realize that if they wear well-fitting clothes, it doesn't mean they stop being individuals. ANYWAY, I may have let the ingredients simmer for slightly longer than 2-3 minutes.

So, when I went to scoop the dough out into little macaroon balls (because these were for the work party, remember? I couldn't really bring in a bowl of dough), they kind of crumbled apart. Suffice it to say, I did not bring these to my work party, especially because my coworkers are amazing bakers and I didn't want to look bad. And there was so much food, I don't think anybody noticed I hadn't brought anything.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure everybody was too busy to notice I didn't bring any baked goods.

So anyway, now I'm stuck with a bowl of very dry macaroon dough. But, as it turns out, when you put it in yogurt, it tastes just like delicious chocolate granola! And then when you put in fresh strawberries, which are SO GOOD this time of year, it's like a delicious sugary breakfast/dessert parfait!

It's like buying this fancy chocolate granola, but FREE!
(Because it was from ingredients I already had)

Frugal win!


Niki said...

Macaroons are my baking nemesis. I tried to make regular macaroons, complete with secret tips for every step and they still didn't turn out.

I ended up putting them ice cream. It was yummy.

Daisy said...

Now I want a macaroon! Haha.

What not to wear is awesome, though I sometimes don't agree with them. But overall it's definitely really entertaining!

Super Frugalette said...

I got over my what not to wear addiction. I felt like they were constantly putting together similar outfits again and again...maybe I am just hard to impress.

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