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Day 210: Pimp my bike!


My new-and-improved frugal brain. 
I suppose the monkey on the inside is the frugal bit.

So, I would first like to point out that I'm surprising myself every day with my weird new ability to go into a store and not buy anything. I have officially begun to reprogram my brain, which is impressive and also extremely weird.

As an example, today I was in the mall and passed by The Body Shop. There was a big display in the front to promote their really cute new line of summer stuff that's full of Vitamin C.

How cute is this stuff? SO CUTE!
So, I stepped towards the store to see what the products were, exactly, and one of their shark-like sales associates was suddenly right in front of me, being like, "Hey! How are you? Did you hear about our sale? It's buy 3, get 2 products free!"

And I was like, "Just from this new collection?" And she was like, "No, anything in the store!"


... did somebody say SALE?

So, I looked around. First I noticed that they have a new line of shampoo. But then I thought No, Annabelle, you have a full thing of shampoo back at home. And then I saw their face cleansers, but I thought No, Annabelle, you have a full thing of Cetaphil at home. And I looked at their makeup and moisturizers and even the new Vitamin C collection, and kept thinking, I have one of those already. I have one of those already. I don't need another one of these.

And I left the store without buying anything! Weird, weird, weird and totally unlike me. But great progress!

So, please keep that in mind when I tell you that I bought one of these today:

No, not a sunflower.
It's fake sunflower bike bling! It's a fake flower on a plastic thing that you can stick to your bike handlebars! It was only $9.99. And I know the frugal thing is to just pick some dandelions from between cracks of pavement and stick them to your bike using tree sap, but come on.

This is ADORABLE. I will do my best not to begin going down the slippery slope of Pimp My Bike by picking up other accessories, such as streamers for the handlebars or little jewels for the spokes.

The one thing that will help keep me in check is the fact that my bike is already so cute. Check it out:

Yes, this is my bike.
 White tires, front basket big enough to carry groceries,  Hawaiian-themed floral decorating.
Now picture it with a sunflower on the front. SO CUTE, right?


The Broke Sensualist said...

Your bike is cute and the sunflower will be a nice touch of beauty for it.

I bought a bike recently and I love it. I also have a long list of items I want to outfit it but I will have to wait till next year to do that. For now, my new front basket will do the trick.

Happy riding!

~Carla~ said...

Good for you!! I've been enticed by all The Body Shop sales lately as well.. But so far I've resisted! ;)

The Asian Pear said...

cute. although... bike bling? O_O?!?
now I've truly heard it all.


Lindy Mint said...

Very cute. And you didn't have one already, so it sounds very necessary in my book.

Nice job on avoiding the siren call of Body Shop.

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