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Day 209: Get UR Freaky Thursday Blog Swap on

Yes, it's time to get your Freaky Friday on... on a Thursday. Why not?
(*that's me on the left and Serendipity on the right. More or less. At least they have the correct hair colours)
So, as promised, today I'm swapping blogs with the fab Serendipity of Serendipity's Guide to Savings! She's this glamorous financial blogger living in Las Vegas, so we can assume she's really good at gambling, and wears lots of sequinned outfits. That's what the frugal people in Las Vegas do, or so I hear.

Anyway, much as I'd like to swap lives with her for a day (LAS VEGAS!!!) I guess swapping blogs will have to do for now. You can stop by her blog today to read my post, "Too many hobbies, too little time: or, What to do with your troll doll collection when you come to your senses". And then go back and check her blog every day, because she's awesome. How awesome? Well, check out her smackdown on extreme couponers... take it away, Serendipity!

My Love Hate relationship with couponing

Whenever I watch extreme couponing, I end up in fits of rage! As some of you may know, groceries and the rising costs of food are a thorn in my side. I always cry about never being able to stay on budget. I’m sure living in Las Vegas, where it’s pretty much next to impossible to be a localvore doesn’t help our food costs either. So when I watch this show where people get their groceries for next to nothing, I start yelling at the screen. Yes, I have a love hate relationship with couponing. I will be happy to tell you why as well.

1. Can't double coupons

I don’t know where all of these extreme couponers live, especially places where they can devote whole rooms or basements to stockpiling. Real estate is expensive out here. But I would like to know where they live, since they seem to shop at all of these wonderful stores that will stack your coupons. Powerade is on sale for $1.00? You have a coupon for $.50 off? Oh, let’s double it and make it FREE! You see where I’m going with this? How come the stores in Las Vegas won’t double it and make it free?

Generics are always cheaper than full price item- Maybe it’s the type of items I find coupons for or the brands, but it seems to me that the generics are usually cheaper than the item, even after the coupon use. That doesn’t make any sense to me. I tend to buy a lot of store brand things because of this reason, especially from Fresh &Easy and Trader Joes.

2. Can't find coupons for what I eat

I’m not an entirely picky eater, but I’ve noticed a lot of the goods for coupons are crap. Eating those high in sodium foods instead of fresh foods just don’t seem appealing to me. I rarely find coupons for healthy foods which is why I try to shop the sales instead.

Coupons suggest over buying then what I need. - I’ve noticed on that show, a lot of people have a stockpile in their house of all their goods. I’m all about having a stash of things you need often and are expensive. I think about Rambo’s cold cereal for instance. But after I stock up, I don’t keep buying that same item. I let it dwindle down and then buy more. These people have an ever growing stockpile and then turn around and buy more crap. And part of me blames their coupon usage, since on a lot of coupons, you need to buy multiples of the item to get a discount.

3. Can't devote 30 hours a week to said couponing

By the time I’m off work, I come home, cook, clean and blog, I don’t have time for a lot of other things, like coupon hunting! Some of these women put hours and hours into couponing and some of them can. I myself, cannot. If I randomly find a coupon, score. Other wise. I’m not hunting for them.

4. How do you get so many coupons in the first place?

I don’t know about you, but I only get one circular with my paper of coupons. Not 20. How do they get so many coupons? I know some people actually order them from a coupon clipping service ( whhhattt?!) while others going through other peoples garbage and recycling. I’ve also heard of people stealing circulars from the newspapers! I’m not saying all crazy cat I mean coupon ladies are like that, but I am thinking these are some extreme measures to be an extreme couponer.

5. Extreme couponing encourages hoarders

Okay, maybe it doesn’t. But whenever the people talk about their stockpiles and show off complete rooms and sections of their house dedicated to their stockpiles and tons of food they will never be able to eat for a family of four, I get a little weirded out. Are they food hoarders? Is there even such a thing? Hmmm. Now I’m wondering.

What about you readers? Have any of you figured out the coupon game without crossing into crazy lady land?



Lane from In Mint Condition said...

Also add "I don't want malware on my computer" to the list! I tried to download the "required" coupon software to print coupons on a computer, but it was way too malware-like for my liking. As a former computer help desk person, the last thing I want to do is remove couponing malware.

Love this, and I love Serendipity!

lifeisfullofsunnydays said...

What a great idea to blog swap.
I too have a love hate relationship with extreme couponing. It's a no go here in Canada where I live. Stores barely want to accept your coupons much less double them. Plus the idea of dedicating all that space to items I will probably never get around to using seems wasteful.

Annabelle said...

Lane - that's so creepy. Any coupon that requires you to download ANYTHING is clearly more trouble than it's worth.

Sunny - I'm in Canada, too, and I think there is definitely a different coupon culture here. Extreme Couponers wouldn't get away with as much here in the North!

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