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Day 208: The universe kind of has a crush on me



You guys!! First I find the free dish soap, and now this!

OK, so remember how my electric bill was SO INSANELY HIGH last time, and I had no idea why? And then I was going to investigate it like Nancy Drew and figure out what had happened... well, the bad news is that my building manager never answered my request to go and take a look at my electric meter.

But the good news is that the electric company unexpectedly noticed their error, and credited me back SO MUCH MONEY! Like, $160! Based on my normal monthly expenses of $30 on utilities, this means I basically don't have to pay the bill for like, 5 months.

Sometimes, things work out really well when you least expect.

Thanks, The Electric Company!
(OK, it probably wasn't the 1970s children's TV program that got me the refund, but wouldn't it be awesome if it was?)

In sadder news, remember how I was going to be a hair model and get highlights for free? Tragically, my free hair model appointment was the same week that I came down with Evil TonsillitisAnd now I have to go and get a haircut and pay for it. This isn't really sad, I guess, since I never actually wanted highlights. I mean, when I thought I was going to be a hair model, suddenly I was really excited to get free highlights, but I didn't actually know what colour to get.

Maybe I can be a hair model again someday.

But on the bright side, FREE ELECTRICITY! (...kinda)

I guess this is the only real kind of free electricity.
Are there frugal people out there harnessing the power of nature?

Anyway, tomorrow is going to be Freaky Thursday Blog Swap, and I've got a special guest post from a surprise blogger. Stay tuned!!


laura@nomorespending said...

Just to say you make me smile everyday :)

Niki said...

The universe is just stepping in line with the rest of us who love you!!!

He/she must feel bad about giving you evil tonsillitis

Annabelle said...

Aww, you guys. <3

And Niki - the dish soap is fine, but I think a crate of it would be necessary to make up for the Evil Tonsillitis episode.

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