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Day 206: Real dish soap!!!!

Cheers to shopping sobriety! Right, Don Draper? ... that's lemonade in your glass, right?

So, I've been shopping detoxing now for 206 days. And, honestly? It's been less detox than... like a diet, but where you get a lot of cheat days. Or, I guess, if we're doing a comparison to alcohol detox, then it's like... being mostly clean but having delicious Manhattans every other weekend. And maybe some wine with dinner.

Seriously, if alcohol was shopping, I'd be like Joan on Mad Men. Think about it: have you ever seen her drink on that show? Wear the hell out of a pen necklace, yes. Drunk? Never.

Anyway, the one thing that seems to most impress/horrify people is my insistence on continuing to use castille soap as dish detergent. Yes, it leaves an oily film all over my dishes. Yes, that oily film gets thicker and thicker every time I wash dishes with this product. But it cleans my dishes (... I think?) and I still have heaps left (you don't need to use very much) and so I keep using it.

The problem might be that I bought this kind, lavender castile soap.
Maybe the non-lavender kind would be less oily? Who knows.

I don't know. It's not that big a hardship, and the fact that it makes me seem like a hardcore frugalista is also pretty awesome.

However, I will not lie. When I'm at work and I finish eating my lunch (which I obviously packed from home in reusable containers) I may occasionally (always) wash the dishes out with the dish soap at work. It gets things so CLEAN!

Dish soap makes dishes clean! Who knew?

So, the news is that there is this spot at the front of my building where people leave free stuff when they move out. Remember, I got free knives there one day? So today, somebody totally left out A MOSTLY EMPTY CONTAINER OF DISH SOAP!!!

I mean, a full container may have been a better surprise, but still. There's enough in here for many TWO loads of clean dishes. For certain, the first load is going to include my glasses. Oh, it'll be nice to see them without the castille oil soap film all over them.



Lane from In Mint Condition said...

You're welcome. In two weeks I'll leave you another bottle of dish soap, okay? :D

Niki said...

Maybe we could find a better use for the castille soap and buy some actual dishsoap.

Okay, I just Googled....

can be used as a face wash
ooo a laundry detergent
Are you mixing it with baking soda for the dish soap? That is suggested.
body wash

Alright, I'm just going to leave you with this. I only suggest it because of your uber excitement for clean glasses. You deserve spotless and non-oily glasses!

Rosie said...

Your choice of pictures and captions crack me up! Does Joan not make you want to rush out and buy a box of red haircolour?


Annabelle said...

Thanks, Lane ;)

Niki - interesting idea. I can still use the soap up, but quicker... then I can get real dish soap. Win!!

Rosie - I totes went as Joan for Halloween last year! Best costume ever!

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