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Day 204: What's the frugal thing to do when you get a parking ticket?

Hey, guys! So, remember how I was SUBPOENA'D to be a witness for the prosecution? If you haven't read that post, go ahead, I'll wait here for you.

To prepare for a trip to Canadian court, I have been watching clips of the classic 1980s Canadian legal soap, Street Legal. It's like L.A. Law, but the lawyers all wear robes and live in Toronto. Would you believe this is not out on DVD? For shame, CBC!

So, I've been asking around to try and figure out why this person is contesting this parking ticket. I mean, it seems pretty open-and-shut to me. There are signs posted saying "Staff Parking Only," this person doesn't work in my facility and yet still parked there... what's there to argue?

But lots of people dispute parking tickets all the time, and sometimes for good reasons. I mean, as frugal sorts of people, we shouldn't just pay off tickets without first looking for some sort of loophole. (Except, if I was a driver? I would totally pay off everything because I trust the police and also assume that anything I do is probably wrong. This is part of the reason why I don't have a driver's license - I am a terrible driver.)

I especially trust police in awesome hats.

Anway, since I'm not a driver and don't anticipate ever being one, so I had to consult with other people to understand how these sorts of things work. And it turns out that sometimes, people are wrongly given tickets. This is because the people who hand out tickets are not flawless robots who are never wrong. So it makes sense to think about it, sometimes.

This is Olivia from Street Legal. She was secretly having an affair with Chuck, one of the other partners.

Scenario 1

If you appeal the ticket, you may get off on a technicality. Such as, if you get a speeding ticket in  a small town and you appeal it in court and the officer who issued the ticket doesn't show up. That  means the ticket can be thrown out. (*this was the case a few years ago, in Western Canada. Please don't use me as a reason to launch a court case, as I may be totally relaying this info incorrectly.)

(*Although, I understand if you assume I am a legal expert, what with my vague knowledge of the characters of Street Legal and all.)

This is Chuck. I assume Olivia was attracted to his extremely bouffant mullet hairstyle.

Scenario 2

If there is anything wrong printed on the ticket - such as the colour of your car, the date, etc., it can also be thrown out.

This is Leon, played by the guy who was also the Dad on Corner Gas. This guy is like the Canadian TV version of Eric Balfour. He just keeps popping up everywhere.

Scenario 3

Everything was done properly, and you're just a jerk. You can also appeal it then, too, and hope something weird happens and you don't have to pay it off. But I hope you still do. Because you're a jerk.

If you are found guilty (and with me as a witness against you, of course you will be found guilty!), then the frugal option is to take community service, rather than paying off the ticket. You can go work at a BINGO or pick up litter or whatnot. I have heard from friends that this is not very fun, but it is more cost-effective than paying a ticket.

Note: if you do take community service, you may wind up with freaky superpowers, like on the British TV show Misfits. This show is ever-so-slightly-better than Street Legal. OK, it's way better.

Scenario 4

OR, you can just not speed or park in the wrong spot. And save me all this trouble. :P


Divinity said...

In Vancouver, there is a very handy loophole that can be use once, and only once, per driver to beat a parking ticket. If the parking ticket is incurred due to an expired parking meter, you can call City Hall and report the ticket and explain that you had JUST missed the expiry time and ask for the "one-time" exemption ticket. They waive the ticket, no questions asked.

Annabelle said...

Ooh, good to know, Divinity. It's like a "get out of jail free" card.

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