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Day 202: In which I break the rules and get a free drink from a stranger!

First and more importantly, if you are one of the POOR, POOR PEOPLE trapped in this hideous heatwave, feel free to skip this posting and just read (and re-read) my three-pronged guide to getting by in the hot summer heat:

- How to keep your cool (underpants in the freezer!)
- What to eat (watermelon ice cubes!)
- How to keep looking cute (braids and sundresses!)

Just lie back and think of watermelon. Then sit up, and eat some watermelon.

For the rest of you, hey, guys! So, it's not hot here today, and I'm nearly done with my course of antibiotics and it all combines that I'm in the best! Mood! Ev-ah!

I'm gonna make it after all... dah dah dah dah DAH!

Like anybody else, I felt like celebrating this happy mood and today's nice, breezy 21 degree weather (that's 69 degrees Fahrenheit, for your Americanos), and my defeat over Evil Tonsillitis with a celebratory iced drink.

Now, I know that the rules state I am no longer allowed to buy Starbucks drinks (since I used up my gift card... and the other two gift cards I got for my birthday... and the other gift card), but an important tenet of the Shopping Detox Program (tm) is to treat yourself sometimes. WITHIN REASON. Because when I make the rules too strict, it makes me go on wild spending sprees. So, it's like walking a dog but holding the leash very loosely, so the dog stays on route, but has a little freedom.

Wait, in this analogy, I am both the dog and the dog walker. I'd rather just be the dog walker. Ideally, without the dog. Can it be a cat on the leash?

Audrey Hepburn is perfection, as ever, even walking a dog.
I bet she was good with her finances.

Anyway, the point is that, I went up to get a yummers vanilla bean frappuccino, and the barista was like, "I've got a sweet treat receipt here, so your drink is half-price." And I was like, "?" And she was like, "Would you like anything else?" And I was like, "Um, what's a sweet treat receipt?"

Here's what it is:

When people buy a coffee drink from Starbucks in the morning (before 9am), they get a sweet treat receipt that they can bring back to get a half-price iced drink after 2pm. And some gorgeous person didn't want their drink, so they left the receipt at the counter and then the barista let me have it!
Much like this kitteh, I am both confused and intrigued by this development.


1) I was at Starbucks at about 7pm. Did nobody buy an iced drink between 2pm and 7pm? Really?

2) Did the barista just forget about it until she saw me?

3) Did I look so cute today in my fedora and sunglasses that she let me have the half-price drink, because the person who left it said "Give this to the most awesomely dressed person who comes in"?

4) Was it ONE OF YOU GUYS, who have PSYCHIC POWERS and knew I'd be going in there today and told her to wait for me, and offer me a half-price drink?

...did Gail leave it for me?

Anyway, if this proves anything at all, it's that sometimes when you break the rules, you get half-price drinks! And that is a valuable and wonderful life lesson.



Lane from In Mint Condition said...

Actually, she was like "HEY! It's that girl from Shopping Detox! I'm going to give her half off her drink today because she's so awesome!"

Niki said...

I was thinking the same, Lane. But it probably was Mama Gail.

Congrats on defeating evil Tonsillitis.

~Carla~ said...

I think without a doubt #3! ;)

Annabelle said...

Aww, you guys are too sweet. I'm pretty sure it wasn't Gail, she probably would have wanted me to spend my $2 on my debt, not on expensive drinks.

I will also choose to think it's #3 ;)

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