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Day 200: How to stay stylish when you feel like ass

Hey, guys! So, if you're like me, then you've just beaten tonsillitis into submission with a steady diet of penicillin, "Say Yes to the Dress" episodes, and sleep, only to encounter something slightly as terrible (*note: NOTHING IS MORE TERRIBLE THAN TONSILLITIS OH MY GOD).


Now, I've already gone through how to keep your cool when it's hot out, and how to keep yourself fed while it's hot out. But now, it's the most important lesson of all:

How to look cute when it's hot as ass outside 
(and totes be thrifty at the same time!)

Cost: elastics and bobbypins which, come on, you have floating around everywhere anyway, right?
So, effectively, free.

Did you know Lauren Conrad invented this braid hairstyle b/c she had bangs and hated them?
This is how she dealt with growing them out. So wise, our LC.

When it's hot enough to fry an egg on top of your head, there are some terrible hair things to worry about. Namely: sweaty bangs clinging to your forehead, sweaty hair clinging to your neck, and just, in general, sweaty hair looking gross and feeling worse. Which is where BRAIDS come in!

I learned a few weeks ago that, no matter how cute your bangs look all nicely straight-ironed and sprayed in the mornings, 40 minutes later after biking to work, your bangs will look TERRIBLE. But I like bangs. And it's not exactly like you can get rid of them. So, the answer is BANGS BRAIDS!

Other braids are also good. 

The Sookie Stackhouse "I'm part fairy and all the paranormal boys want to date me" side braid!

The Mary-Kate Olsen "Heidi of the Alps" milkmaid braids.
Hey! The Beauty Department shows you how to do this one!

Or go for Anne of Green Gables je ne sais quoi with two long braids.
Ribbons optional.

*Note: you can also try this "bang twist" thing, if you get tired of braiding the bangs.

Cost: use the makeup you already have. Maybe buy some mascara.
Cost: less than $10

So, you like to wear lots of makeup? That's nice, but it will MELT OFF YOUR NECK and give you a neck-face of dribbled-off makeup, so you're going to have to make some sacrifices here, mmkay? If you HAVE to wear some makeup, go for something like extremely waterproof mascara (and the most waterproof I've ever found is Urban Decay Cannonball Ultra Waterproof Mascara) - not just for "a day at the beach" but also for "daily life when it's 112 degrees outside."

Sweat makes mascara run into your eyes which makes your eyes water which makes the mascara run = unpleasant. So, save yourself some effort and go waterproof.

See, even Marilyn Monroe goes without makeup when it's hot out.
God, I wish I had a pool. Or a lake. Or a friend with a car who could take me to a lake.

Then, skip everything else except for MAYBE some sort of SPF lip product (note: mosquitos may stick in your lips if your lip product is sticky, so feel free to skip this part) (this may only happen on bikes).

"La la la, such a lovely day for a bike - AHHHH! FLIES ON MY LIPS! FLIES ON MY LIPS!

Nail polish is a great summer makeup thing. If you aren't wearing any other makeup, fancy nailpolish can distract people from your face (which probably looks nice, but you may feel self-conscious without your fake face on). I suggest painting your nails white, then covering with silver glitter crackle. Your fingernails will look like ICE! Which will make you psychomatically feel COOLER!

Cost: Wear the ones you already have! Or, thrift stores always have lots.
Tip: buy them from thrift stores in the WINTER and FALL. They are all usually sold out in summertime.
Cost: Varies, from free to $10 or $20 (that's the cost of like, 17 sundresses at a thrift store)

Make like Zooey Deschanel and sundress it up.
Cooler than jeans and a tee any day. Plus, extra ladylike.
(*Note: I'm not sure how she can wear her hair down like that. It must not be very hot that day)

Like with makeup, you want to wear as least clothes possible. THAT BEING SAID, do not expose too much skin. Even if you are all fit and whatnot, covering up is the best way to avoid both sunburn AND mosquito bites. Sundresses are perfect in the head because they a) let air up between your legs to cool you down, b) look cute so you feel nice, c) are easy to take on and off, and d) are very loose-fitting and forgiving.

If any of these reasons don't sound true to you, YOU ARE BUYING THE WRONG SORT OF SUNDRESSES.

That's it. I'm too hot and tired to write anything else. Wake me up when it's autumn.


Anonymous said...

I bought myself a couple of those Goody spin pins (I think it was on your recommendation?!?). They are fantastic for sticking your hair up outta the way (so thanks heaps if it was your recommendation...)!

Annabelle said...

Cyndi - that was not me who recommended that. But now that you say it works, I feel the sudden urge to try it myself, too.

~Carla~ said...

Timely post... Was 49c here today... Ick! :P I've been pulling my hair back in a long braid daily! It works all day & still looks cute after we swim everyday! As for makeup, I only wear a blush or bronzer along with lip gloss. Hate having crap on my face, summer or winter! I definitely prefer "natural" for myself.

Annabelle said...

@Carla - poor you! I can't even *imagine* what 49 would even feel like. Like living inside of an oven? Swimming sounds like an excellent option, and braids look so cute after drying. Definitely great for wash-and-go.

There is nothing grosser than the idea of a full face of makeup in the summer. I pity anybody who's getting married this time of year!

Prom Dresses said...

That's a lovely sundress. I liked it a lot.

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