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Day 199: Best frugal recipes for summertime eats


These women look happy in the sunshine.
These women are also paid models.
And probably don't also have tonsillitis.

Hey, guys! So, it's crazyhot here right now. Well, if 37 with Humidex is crazyhot to you -- that's 98.6 to you Americanos -- and it is crazyhot to me, (with my genetic composition designed for wandering the foggy moors, not dealing with temperatures above, say, 10).

This is what I am genetically designed to live like. FOGGY MOORS!

So, what does a frugal person eat if it's so hot, the thought of turning on your oven is as revolting as that guy who married that girl who may or may not be 16?

1. Pudding Pops!

A few people have recently tweeted me about how to make these, which is fun, both because it's the easiest thing in the world to make and because I didn't realize everybody didn't eat these growing up.

Rather that putting together a sort of sad pictorial of my haphazard pudding pop style (hint: I don't really clean out the container between uses - it's just pudding, after all), check out this post from Kristen at The Frugal Girl.


You can either be hardcore frugal style with this (i.e. making your own pudding from scratch, reusing old popsicle sticks in cups) or be super lazy like me, and buy a popsicle mold thing from the dollar store and fill it with instant pudding.

Chocolate is classic, obviously. Banana pudding turns out to be REALLY good (and brings back memories of delicious childhood antibiotics) and now I'm thinking of delicious banana/chocolate hybrid pudding pops.

2. Lemonade

Fresh lemonade is THE BOMB. It's super-easy to make, and can be very frugal if either a) you live somewhere lemons grow in your backyard or b) you can get lemons cheap at the store because they're a teeny bit old.

I like this recipe (from AllRecipes), but it's all just about proportions. Water + lemon juice + crazy amounts of sugar (or whatever sweetener you like, or none, if you have crazy tastebuds). Add ice and then just CHUG IT DOWN.

* note: you can also add WATERMELON ICE CUBES for the full "party in your mouth" experience.

3. Watermelon

Do I need to add anything to this? Watermelon = love

4. Hummus

OK, so you need more than sugar and fruit to survive. You also need delicious protein! Namely, delicious hummus. There are loads of great recipes online, but I like this one. Add jalapeno peppers and/or spicy red pepper flakes on top for extra oomph as well as for bonus sinus-clearing benefit (in case you happen to have tonsillitis or, you know, whatever).

5. Pasta Salad


Now, the first step of this - boil water and cook noodles - can be off-putting on a hot day. Which is why I recommend you cook the noodles LATE AT NIGHT. You may want to point a fan at yourself while cooking the noodles and/or have a shower after to get rid of the cooking-in-summer sweat.

Anyway, this has the added benefit of, you can let the noodles chill overnight so in the morning you just need to mix in the rest of the stuff. This is a recipe I got somewhere one time, no idea from where, and have amended so many times I'm sure it doesn't even look like what the original recipe was.

Boil a bunch of noodles in water (with olive oil, so the noodles don't stick)
Cool noodles in cold water in a strainer, or in fridge overnight
When noodles are cool, mix them with a bunch of chopped up cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, sliced up onions and olives (if you like olives - I omit them.)

Sauce: mix a small container of tzaziki with feta cheese and parsley and olive oil until it's like a sauce.

Mix it all together and enjoy the DELICIOUSNESS!

And if you'll excuse me, I have to go and take a bath in ice cubes. OK, not really. But doesn't that sound appealing?

Hmm... it kind of does, and it kind of doesn't.
Maybe a lukewarm shower would work just as well?


Anonymous said...

One of my favorites is sun tea, because you don't cook it. You just put a bunch of water and tea bags in a really big clear glass jar and set it in the sun. The sun "cooks" the tea and when it looks as dark as you'd like your iced tea you take the tea bags out and add sugar and then ice. Ta-daa!

laura@nomorespending said...

I practically live on hummus in the summer. Eaten with cucumber, tomatoes and celery it's a great (and healthy) lunch.

PS. Hope you're feeling a little better today Annabelle? x

Niki said...

You have just described my summer meals.

I'ts hot!!!

Rosie said...

I was eating carrots + hummus for dinner while reading your blog. Your timing is eerily perfect!

Feel better soon ma belle!


andria said...

Pasta salad! How did I not think of that! Made some thing morning, which I will eat for each meal until it is gone--genius!

Annabelle said...

Cyndi - that is BRILLIANT! Esp. considering how many unused tea bags I have hanging around uselessly in my kitchen. (Because the thought of hot tea makes me weep almost as much as the thought of a bubble bath these days)

Laura - me too! I was surprised to find out how filling it is to just have hummus + carrots for lunch. Cool and healthy (and pretty darn cheap, too). And I'm feeling SO MUCH BETTER! Four more days of penicillin, but otherwise feel normal.

Niki - I don't even know where you live, but I feel for you in the heat. My recommendation is lots of watermelon. And watermelon ice cubes.

Rosie - ooh, creeptastic! Is it creepier if you knew I was eating carrots and hummus *while I was writing this post*?

Andria - pasta salad is my main food group in the summer (as well as watermelon). The key is definitely cooking the noodles THE NIGHT BEFORE.

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