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Day 198: Sick day link luuurve

Hey guys. So, I'm on Day 4 of a 10 day course of antibiotics to defeat Evil Tonsillitis. And can I just say, today I got the following totally sweet tweet from Mama Gail?

Yes, Mama Gail is totally tweeting me now. We're like, joined at the hip. Seriously. We're like friends now. NOBODY TELL HER HOW MUCH DEBT I'M IN.

I mean, I know we're like BFFs now and everything,
but I don't want to meet her until *after* I pay off the debt.

However, I will stick with the plan that Gail herself gave to me, where I save $50 a month for emergencies, and put every penny on my debt. (I mean, most pennies. Like 80% of my pennies. I'm sure she'll understand.)

Link love!

This is how I imagine a gathering of financial bloggers would be.
It's like real-life link love (so civilized and coiffed!)

Are rewards cards costing you money? from Boomer & Echo makes me say, "I bet they secretly are. Right?Am I right?"

This coconut granola recipe from The Frugal Girl makes me say, "Nom, nom, nom."

10 ways to make $10 or more this week from Minting Nickels makes me say, "Yes, please!"

Frugal refresher day three - the tough stuff from Frugal Queen makes me say, "Gail would be proud."

Watermelon ice cubes from My Thirty Spot make me say, "HOW DID I NOT THINK OF THIS ALREADY?" Genius.

Eliminate cards for big people is Eco Mama's 124th environmental change, and it makes me say, "Kinda makes sense."

And thanks to Bucksome Boomer, who included my post "Why it's more expensive being single" in the Carnival of Personal Finance this week!

Beyonce knows what I'm talking about. It's hard out there for the single ladies!


Lindy Mint said...

Holy Moses, Gail is totally your besty now. You are sooo lucky. And mums the word on the debt.

Thanks so much for the link. I hope you're feeling tip top very very soon. If not, might I suggest Ben & Jerry's Ameri-cone ice cream. (Do they sell that flavor in Canada?)

Lane from In Mint Condition said...

Watermelon ice cubes?? It sounds almost as good as homemade banana fudgsicles! Must try both since it's so hot lately.

Annabelle said...

Lindy - Thanks for keeping my secret from my new BFF ;) And I haven't heard of Ameri-cone ice cream. Sounds yummers, though. I'll have to go Canadian style with maple walnut or something like that.

Lane - I know, right? How did I not think of making ice cubes out of watermelon before? And welcome on board the pudding pop express, destination - DELICIOUS.

The Broke Sensualist said...

Wow, nice tweet from Gail, indeed. Lucky you.

Hope those popsicles are doing to trick in getting you healed quickly.

Annabelle said...

Thanks, Broke Sensualist! I'm pretty psyched about my new faux-relationship with Gail.

Popsicles are the secret ingredient to curing tonsillitis, FOR SURE.

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