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Day 197: 5 unexpected frugal things about tonsillitis

You guys, it's no secret that I am SO SICK RIGHT NOW. However, in the spirit of Retirement is Work (the blog where a reluctant retiree writes something nice about retirement every day), here are some nice things about having been housebound with tonsillitis all week:


1. Unexpected Cost Savings

All I've been eating is soup, eggs, pudding pops (thx for the instructions, Frugal Girl!!), and Gatorade G2. And jello. No need for other groceries. In fact, in the whole week (today's Day 7 of my shopping fast, remember? I didn't!) I spent $86.36. Which sounds like a lot, until you take out $30.80 (cell phone bill) and $20.10 (penicillin), leaving $35.46, essentially on throat lozenges and Gatorade. Really, this is probably less than I would have spent in a normal week so I still consider it a successful spending "fast."


2. Getting to watch Tour de France live!

It's so much fun watching this live (instead of recorded, after a work day). For instance, watching live the instant that one of the TV camera cars swerved into the road and sent one guy flying off through a barbed wire fence. The commentators are so dry in this event, they're like, "Aaaand he's bleeding profusely from his knee down to his ankles. Hope he can still finish." The next day, "Riding the Pyrenees is hardly the best place to be with 33 stitches up your backside. But he's doing a good job." FYI - barbed wire fence guy is still totally in the race. These guys are hard-core. If they can bike for 100s of kilometres in the mountains with blood gushing out? I can suck it up and deal with tonsillitis.

Mama Gail and I are totes friends now.

3. Gail Vaz-Oxlade Facebook Party!

Being home and on the internet 24/7 means that I notice events happening such as Gail Vaz-Oxlade's recent Facebook party! She had a thing where for a few hours, you could post any questions on her FB page and she'd reply right away. I posted:

As you can imagine, I immediately re-did my monthly money transfers to put $50 into saving every month, and the rest all into debt repayment. How often do you get personalized money advice from your LIFE GURU?

Seriously, there is no way she's actually 16, right?

4. Time to catch up on celebrity gossip

I have spent the last week basically 24/7 either napping, or online. And my brain is too full of sickness to process any complicated thoughts so when I watch TV, it's more "Say Yes to the Dress!" and not so much "Mildred Pierce." My increased internet presence means that I was right there on Twitter when it was announced that J-Lo divorced her husband! I have been avidly following coverage of that guy in his 50s who married the girl who may or may not be 16. I guess I'm grateful not to have been home sick during the whole Casey Anthony trial, since I suspect I would have gotten sucked into obsessively following that.


5. Learning new frugal skills

For instance, when the doctor told me I was totally dehydrated and had to get some Gatorade G2 like, STAT, but I was soo weak and sickly to walk to the cornerstore, I looked up to see if there was a way to DIY your own Gatorade. And of course there is. Essentially, put salt in juice. Verdict? Tastes kind of gross. But frugal! And then also, I did a lot of reading about tonsillitis and swollen glands and things, and read that you should put ice packs on your neck to reduce swelling. And I don't have ice packs, but I do have lots of bags of peas and brussel sprouts, which, wrapped in a scarf, work just as well as ice packs, I think.

All in all, the novelty of being sick (because I never get sick) has long since passed. My cat and I eye one another wearing across the room (I think she's angry I'm invading her home turf). I was excited when a visitor came by with a spider on his bike helmet, because now the spider can be my other homebound friend. Pretty soon I'll be talking to a volleyball (if I had a volleyball).

I may not have a volleyball, but I do have a new spider friend. Score!


jennysararyan said...

yey! thanks for the Retiree shout-out! my mum is currently on a five week holiday due to her retiree status. she's staying in the house where Beatrix Potter wrote The Tale Of Two Bad Mice!

Lane from In Mint Condition said...

I was so shocked about the J-Lo news! That's too bad.

I hope you're almost 100% better :)

Annabelle said...

Jenny - I bet your Mom will have lots of great new blog posts once she's back. Beatrix Potter's house? That fabulous.

Lane - I know, the J-Lo divorce came out of nowhere (or so it seemed...) Just goes to show that gossip bloggers aren't always as much "in the know" as they like to say they are.

The Broke Sensualist said...

Totally avoid drinking Gatorade. There's nothing but bad stuff in it. The salt in water thing works, maybe add a bit of lemon in it. It might make it taste better. Also, coconut water works but you do have to buy that. Unless you have access to a coconut tree... LOL. :)

Hope you feel better soon!

Annabelle said...

Thanks, Broke Sensualist! I was actually living off of Gatorade through the worst of the tonsillitis - it brought me back from total tonsil-related dehydration. But when I tried some today (non-sick), I realized that it tastes horrible.

But so did the lemonade with salt in it. So I don't know.

I've always wanted to try coconut water! I don't know if they sell it here, though.

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