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Day 189: A sign from the universe

You guys, I need to re-prioritize. After reading In Mint Condition's post about how being part of the finance blogging community helps her to stay focused, I realized that I kind of need to that too. I've been bending the rules more than following them lately. This blog isn't about feeling bad or guilty or anything, but I want to start using it to make myself more accountable for this sort of thing.

So Rule #10 - only buying secondhand clothes, to a maximum of $100/month, has been bent a few times.

And I thought there was a rule about no internet shopping, but when I looked, I didn't see it there. So I just added it, since I've been thinking I've been bending it for awhile, too. Anyway, there are other reasons that will help me stick to this one - since I have a teeny-tiny mailbox in my building, I've been using the work address for my deliveries and that makes me even more accountable - the fact that people I work with will be seeing how much stuff I order makes me more driven to order less stuff.

And then on the groceries front, I have been buying lots of hot weather food - i.e. popsicles, watermelon, pasta salad ingredients. I also have not yet tallied up my receipts from June, partially because I know I went over again and I don't want to have to think about that.

I don't want to let Gail Vaz-Oxlade down!
... also, I'm kind of scared of her.

So, anyway, yesterday I was looking around a store when I came upon a cute bottle of nail polish. And I was carrying this around in my hand when I came across an OK-looking sundress (note: this was relative cuteness at its worst - the dress wasn't even that nice, but it was on sale and better than anything else there).

Anyway, I was thinking, "Oh, maybe I'll try on the dress," but it was on a high hanger and I tried to reach it when... the nail polish fell from my hand, shattered on the floor, and went oozing Austin-tacious Turquoise all over the floor.

How cute is this colour? So sparkley and summery and mermaidy.
Also looks very striking pooled on a concrete floor.
Kind of smelly, though. And hard to clean up.

After doing the nice thing (finding a sales clerk to let her know, and she was so sweet and didn't make me pay for the nail polish), my first thought was "Hmm... now how can I get that dress to try on when they're cleaning the nail polish?" but then quickly my new detox brain was like, "IT'S A SIGN, GET OUT, DON'T BUY DRESSES TODAY," and I did not buy a dress. (I did, however, buy another bottle of the nail polish because - hello, it's cute).

(Note: a surprising amount of people passed by the nail polish carnage and asked, "What's that?" in a confused voice and when they were told "Nail polish," were like, "But it's blue!" Like, where have you been since 1997 since Chanel introduced the limited edition Night Sky nail polish, and ever since then blue nail polish has been totally mainstream?)

Chanel's Ciel de Nuit

This was totally on my Christmas list in 1997, but they were sold out!
My lovely sister got me a different colour, which is the only bottle of Chanel polish I have ever owned.

(Also: Chanel Night Sky (Ciel de Nuit) was invented by a teen in a contest with Seventeen magazine. Can you imagine the prestige of being the teenager who won a Seventeen/Chanel nail polish colour inventing contest? I would DIE with the HONOUR!)

So, I need to BALANCE things better. Maybe some sort of spending fast, like Carla did at My Half Dozen Daily. I mean, if she can do that with four children, I can do it with just myself. ... Right? Oh, and I just saw that Sharon at My Year of Spending Less is doing it too. Maybe for one week, I can do this. Starting... on Sunday. Stay tuned.

In other news - I went out today in the daytime with no bug repellent and got no bites! The secret seems to be: hide indoors between 5pm and 9am. And avoid any areas with trees or nature. Tomorrow I'm going to try the vanilla, though.


~Carla~ said...

I always love reading your posts! You totally crack me up!! lol!

I think you can TOTALLY do a fiscal fast!! Make yourself a business card that says "DON'T BUY ANYTHING" and tuck it in your wallet for the week! lol!

Sunday.... I'll be watching/reading... ;)

Lane said...

omg I love that girl's dress in the first picture!

I *just* maxed out my $100/month Shopping this week too. And it's only the first week in July. Why?!

andrea @ said...

Hmmm I wish I had the guts to wear nailpolish that bright but I always feel silly... bleh :P

You could also try to aim for a certain amount of no spend days per week? I can't do spending fasts... just makes me want to spend more... which defeats the purpose lol

wheresmomsmoney said...

I just recently found your blog and oh my goodness, I love it. I totally agree - the PF community is here to help keep you accountable. You can do it!!!

Annabelle said...

@Carla - Thanks! I'm going to do it, definitely. Bought some milk today to get ready for a week of NO SPEND.

@Lane - totally agree. The dress is adorbs, and could cause me to break my allowance for the month, too.

@Andrea - the nail polish isn't even that bright, honest! That's why I had to paint four of my nails bright yellow, to go with it. I'd say start with a sheer green or blue to get your toes wet, so to speak.

@wheresmomsmoney - welcome! Glad to have you on board!

Super Frugalette said...

I had no idea that Chanel spawned the blue nail polish craze. I am wearing Off with her Red by OPI. I love the is like wearing lounge wear on my nails.

Lindy Mint said...

I could see how blue nail polish spilled all over a retail store floor could be a sign from the universe.

I haven't done an official spending fast, but I feel like I have because I lived on a no-room-to-spend-anything budget once when I was saving for a big trip. It's a good experience. Kind of like doing a dietary cleanse is a good experience, once.

Annabelle said...

@Lindy - yes, it was a bright blue, glittery and fairly smelly sign from the universe for me to STEP AWAY FROM THE DRESSES. ;)

And I think a fast will be useful even just so I can pay more attention to what I *need* (i.e. toilet paper) vs. just shopping because I'm bored (i.e. nail polish)

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