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Day 186: Is it frugal to commit mass bug murder?

Forget the heatwave, I am currently being literally eaten alive by BUGS. It's ridiculous, you guys. I am getting like 5-10 bites PER DAY and some of these are the creepy kind that stay red and swollen for days and days. And so ITCHY!

I have always been like catnip to mosquitos (mosquito-nip?), and my theory is because I'm so pale they can see my veins more easily. Alternately, maybe I am part fairy like Sookie on True Blood, and that makes my blood very valuable to bloodsuckers.

I'm just like Sookie, except mosquitos flock around me, instead of sexy undead guys.

And I've only just gotten used to putting on sunscreen every day (SPARKLEY SUNSCREEN!) and I really don't want to also have to put on bug repellent - mainly because it's so hot I don't want to wear any sort of lotions of any kind. So I got to wondering, is there a frugal alternative? Some sort of paste of baking soda and vinegar and lemon you can use? My only conditions are that it can't smell TERRIBLE (i.e. like bug spray) and it can't be a heavy lotion.

The Frugal Housewife has several options. I like the idea of using vanilla extract, as I have a ginormous bottle of it that I'll never use up, plus it smells good. Listerine sounds like it may be initially refreshing to spray on, but then it would leave green stains on your skin, wouldn't it? One of her recipes uses olive oil, with citronella essential oil, which sounds like it might work, too. I'm going to have to try these things out and report back. First up - vanilla!

Olive oil: is there anything it can't do? No? Awesome!

And then also I have very exciting news. I'm going to be a hair model! I get my hair done for free in some sort of interesting style, by a trainee hair apprentice! I was checking FB this morning and my salon posted a request for hair models and I jumped on that, understandably. 

I'm going next Wednesday, and am v. excited. It's just for highlights (their trainee apprentices need to practice that skill) and I don't know if I'll get blondy bits put in or, since it's free, if they can put in multicoloured bits like Lauren Conrad currently has. I also hope that, since it's free, I can get a trim at the same time (for free!)

As a special bonus, I assume they will take my picture after (since it's being a hair "model", not a hair "client") and I like getting all dolled up and photographed.

Rest assured, I will let you know how it goes!


Jennifer said...

My secretary swears that drinking tonic water everyday keeps bugs away. I have no idea how frugal tonic water is, though, or how one convinces themselves to actually drink it.

Anonymous said...

since I am also "mosquito-nip"...I have been whining about the number of bites I my mother has offered me two suggestions (not sure if they work)

1. take an antihistimine in the morning
2. she read an article that mosquitoes don't like "bounce" sheets..not sure what you are supposed to do with them to your shirt?...

let me know if you find the solution..I would also like to be welt free and not itchy as well..


andria said...

There is a new gadget (at least in the US) that you clip onto your belt and it keeps the bugs away. It is most unfrgual, I'm sure, but I just got a $2 off coupon and I will certainly be buying one--maybe two.

I tried to have a lovely alfresco dinner with a friend a couple weeks ago, and was devoured by bloodsuckers. I couldn't sleep for the itching and I still have scars. I'm excited to see what works for you :)

Ellstar said...

Your sunscreen may be the attractor unfortunately, a strong sugary scent like the coconut you described could be making you a delectable treat unfortunately! Non-perfumed sunscreens are better to keep the bugs away.

Anonymous said...

Orange peels! Mosquitoes hate orange oil (and also citronella - related) so you rub the outer part (the orange side)vigorously on your skin and cover yourself in orange oil. Plus you get a tasty snack!

Country Girl said...

My friends like to say they don't have to worry about bugs when i'm around because the bugs always go for my tasty blood over theirs. I'm always looking for new ways to try and avoid the bites too.

Bounce sheets don't work. Citronella plants work if you sit in them. Heard eating bananas keeps mosquitos away, but I can't consume enough apparently. I saw on the news that people a using a garlic oil spray to control them around houses? Maybe that would work, might keep away those pesky vampires too.

Andrea said...

And, how did it go?

Annabelle said...

Thanks for all the suggestions, you guys. I'm reallllly hoping to find an alternative to foul-smelling DEET products. And I also realllllly hope I don't have to give up my beloved coconut-scented sparkle sunscreen.

Glad to know there are so many other miserable mosquito-nip folks out there! Stay strong!

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