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Day 182: Halfway checkin, or, I think my brain is broken

You guys! So, do you know what today is?


Technically, halfway between today and tomorrow will be (day 182.5) but today is close enough. Anyway, so, 6 months of shopping detox (and also - pat on the back - 6 months of daily blogging).

Rather than listing what I have and haven't accomplished, I will instead give you this anecdote, which speaks for itself.

Yesterday, I was coming home from work and thought absently to myself, "I feel like buying something." And as I biked along, I tried to think of what that thing might be. Did I need anything for supper? No. Did I need any ingredients for baking something? No. And which store did I want to stop by?
I would up at Shopper's Drug Mart, which has historically (along with London Drugs) been the sight of some of my happiest shopping memories. Wandering the shelves of shampoo and makeup and face lotions never fails to cheer me up.

Whoa, did you know how messed up Marilyn's hair was? Check out this article.

So, I went first down the shampoo aisle, and looked at the bottles. Did I need shampoo? Or conditioner? No, I already had a bunch of shampoo at home and I've stopping using conditioner. Did I need a hair product? No, I'm using up the ones I have (and I cannot rave enough about the Bumble & Bumble Surf Spray!).

I moved on to the makeup aisle. Did I need a new fun lipstick? No, I like the colours I have already. Mascara? No, I've got a good mascara.

My latest mascara luuurve: Urban Decay Cannonball Ultra-Waterproof Mascara

And so it went. I went past the face creams and soaps and lip balm and hair elastics and deodorant... eventually, I remembered that I need milk, and so I bought milk. And some salsa. And chips. And that's it!

I didn't have to use willpower to make myself not buy things I don't need - I just didn't want to buy those things. Almost as if... my brain has been reprogrammed.

And yes, I still bought chips and salsa, when the frugal thing would be to pick corn out of a field and shuck it and grind it into chips for myself etc. And I'm on my way to making my own salsa (i.e. I have some old tomatoes, a food processor, and I might look online for a recipe sometime before the tomatoes rot).

So anyway. Halfway through shopping detox and it seems like - without my even realizing - I have improved some of my habits! And I'm not in any more debt than I was 6 months ago, which also counts as success.

Bring it on, next 6 months!


~Carla~ said...

Congrats! :) Sometimes it's hard not to buy just for the sake of "buying"!

Lindy Mint said...

Looking forward to the next six months of detox!

Annabelle said...

Thanks, guys! Looking forward to what the next 6 months will bring...

Serendipity said...

Yay for being at the half-way point!

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