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Day 179: 2 frugal prom stories

Hey, you guys! So, I stumbled on this article today about the rising costs of proms, which got me thinking about my prom. My two proms.

Yes, this is a story of two frugal proms. I guess it would be more fun if one was non-frugal and one was frugal, but whatever. These are totally true stories ( much as I can remember).

Prom #1: High school prom!

My prom was just like in She's All That! Minus the synchronized dancing. And Usher. And that big of a space. And any of the drama. Basically, there were girls in dresses.

So, I was not too excited about high school prom. Rather than buying a floofy prom dress from a fancy store, I went out thrift shopping (which I did a lot in my teen years) and found a super-cute retro cocktail dress that seemed like it would work well. Oh, and it totally cost $10. Oh, yes I did.

IMPORTANT NOTE: though frugal, my dress looked NOTHING LIKE THIS

And then I bought (or possibly was given as a gift?) my most expensive pair of shoes to that date, a pair of chunky satin Steve Madden mary jane shoes (these were sooo cute - and probably about $70 or so). I also remember buying a pair of sparkley pantyhose (don't hate, everybody was doing pantyhose in those days) and some sparkley face powder.

I was extremely influenced, sparkley-wise, by Michelle Pfeiffer in A Midsummer Night's Dream

I went with a bunch of friends in the Funkmobile (aka my friend's father's SUV) and my job was to make the mix tape we'd listen to first. (Oh, mixtapes, I miss those days).

So we got there, hung out, danced a bunch, and then I went home after. Super fun times, classic dressy items I would wear for the next few years, and no debt? Frugal high school prom win!

Prom #2: Grown-up prom!

It may not have been the "Enchantment under the sea" dance from Back to the future,
but it was awesome nonetheless.

I was sooooo excited when a local improv company had their year-end celebration on a prom theme. I borrowed a gorgeous retro 1950s prom dress from my friend, bought a boutonniere for my charming and handsome date (and he got me a fabulous black rose corsage!).


West Side Storydancers wish their dance was as fun as this. MAMBO!

And I guess this isn't exactly timely, since all of the teens have gone to their Super Sweet Prom Teen Mom Promise Ring parties already, but I'd like to point out that, despite certain shopaholic tendencies, I share some frugal instincts with the rest of my family.

$73.34 wedding? I will take that and raise you one $10 prom dress. (Yeah, OK, I know they totally win. But they rubbed off on me a little, clearly!)


Katy P said...

THE FUNKMOBILE - as I recall there was a lot of heckling going on in tune to the phatness of our beats.

Prom rocked, hey.

Annabelle said...

Oh yeah! Funkmobile yeah!

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