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Day 170: Summer lovin' link luuurve

So, these are not all finance-related, but they are all extremely excellent reads. Because summer, to me, is all about trashy books, breezy fashion, and delicious frozen treats.

Sun Kissed from The Beauty Department
Lauren Conrad and co. give clear and concise directions of how to best apply self-tanner. A must for paley-pale folks like me.

A review of the worst book in history: VC Andrews' "My Sweet Audrina" from Forever Young Adult.
I totally read this book when I was 13, and was surprised to read this recap and realize how crazy it really was.

Summer beauty tips from Manolo for the Beauty.
Great tips to get ready for summer. It made me want to get powder sunscreen, but I have lots of sunscreen already. Oh well.

Make a Starbucks frappuccino for a fraction of the cost from Squawkfox.
I luuurve frappuccinos, but if all I need is some xanthum gum, I am fully prepared to save a bunch of money.

Feather hair trend: inexpensively from My Thirty Spot.
Have you seen celebs rocking this trend? I kind of want to get on board, and now all I need to do is find a fishing supply store. Frugal awesomeness.

Strawberry freezer jam from The Frugal Girl
I keep buying strawberries and now eating them before they go bad. Jam, especially frozen jam, seems like a yummy solution.

And can't conclude this without mentioning my new favourite product in the universe: Hawaiian Tropic Shimmer Effect sunscreen. I have been looking for YEARS AND YEARS for a sparkley sunscreen and finally I found this in the store (*frugal note: there was a coupon involved in this purchase). As a bonus, it smells like delicious coconut oil.

As I mentioned I'm really, really pale and I know I'm supposed to wear sunscreen all the time, but sometimes it's such a pain to put it on and blah blah blah. Any reason to make me want to apply sunscreen is a great thing. It smells great and makes my skin all sparkley like Edward Cullen and co. in the sunlight? Total score!

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