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Day 177: Toot toot! Link luuurve

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Hey guys! Firstly, here are some really interesting and fab articles from this past little bit:

A recipe for homemade bath bombs? YES PLEASE!! (via @mythirtyspot)

Girl, please. You know I love the library. And here are 13 things you pay for that your library has for free! (via @investopediafe)

Krystal offers a thought experiment: Would you use a coupon on the first date? (via @krystalatwork)

An ode to vinegar, superhero of cleaning (and yummy condiment) (via @sustainlifeblog)

And now, it's time for me to toot my horn a little! Shopping Detox took over the whole Interwebs this week, apparently:

Thanks sooo much to Ben at The Consumerist, who picked up my Father's Day blog entry! The best part is if you read through the comments to see the amazeballs things that other peoples' frugal Dads have gotten up. Yes, I'm looking as you, the frugal Dad who used to scour golf clubs for lost balls to sell at yard sales.  What's the most frugal thing your dad ever did? (via @consumerist)

Thanks to Niki at Debt Free by Thirty who included my post in her Editor's Picks for the Festival of Frugality #285! (via @debtfreeby30)

Thanks to Andrea, who shared my first-ever guest post on her fabulous blog, Nickel by Nickel! (via @nickelbynickel)

And thanks to Laura from No More Spending, who selected two of my articles to feature in her Saturday Reading post!

Thanks to Blonde on a Budget, who included my post about the value of books in her posting on New Perspectives (via @blondeonabudget)

Thanks to The $60K Project, who gave me a sweet shout-out (she called the blog "cute"!) in her post Day 249 - Weekly Roundup (via @60KProject)

And thanks also to Stupid Cents, who included my post Extreme Couponers vs. Minimalists in the Carnival of Personal Finance this week! Carnival of Personal Finance #314: Rock your life edition (via @stupidcents)

Whew! What a week!


Laura|no more spending said...

Phew you did have a week!

LC said...

Thanks for the love! Sounds like a crazy week, indeed ;)

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